Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Blonde/Senile Moments.

Bedroom_ (Photo credit: kobiz7)
Wish my room looked like this! Would never
have a problem then!
So I'm still packing... ('Started' last night and that went awfully... see that here ) and I finally seem to be getting somewhere, until I realised I had put away some baking trays for safe keeping and needed to find them before I leave at some point tomorrow morning. (I'd give a time, but its safer to just say am/pm. I'm not particularly good with timekeeping and I'm always guilty of having an excuse... sorry!)

Can I find said baking trays? No I cannot. I have looked everywhere humanly possible to find them. All the drawers in my room, just to find useless cr*p that I had forgotten/am embarrassed to admit I even owned (a leopard print onesie being the worse.) Among the clothes in my wardrobe, not there. Behind the bed, only found sweetie wrappers (can see what my guilty pleasure is there then....)

I'm stumped. I have no clue. As far as I'm concerned they've just got up and walked out the door - a perfectly reasonable excuse in my book. I'll admit, more often than not, my room is a mess, seeing the carpet is an achievement but today it's clean (on account of the fact I haven't been here for two weeks...) and it hasn't helped.

I always seem to lose things. I'd love to call it a blonde/senile moment, but unfortunately I'm neither blonde or old (although more recently there has been times when I've begun to feel it when around the kids.) so I don't have any excuses.

Regularly I lose my phone, and because its on silent (always.) I can never find it again. Its a nightmare...


Figured I'd ask mum whether she could find them (Mum always knows best!) and lo and behold, the d*mn trays appear. Where were they? In her room. The 'designated' safe place where she put them so that she knew where they were when I came to pack.

I'm losing things, and apparently my family are helping me think I'm losing my marbles. Surely I can't lose much more?!
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Friday, 30 August 2013

Packing for my new 'other' home.

After a week and a half away in sunny Spain, I'm glad to be home (9 hours of travel time is never any fun) and ready to get everything sorted for the next big thing in my life. Getting the keys for my new house! Definitely think I'm way more excited than I should be, after all, I'm not normally too good with change.

I've spent the last few days trying to work out the best way of moving in, what I need and what I still need to buy... (I've become one of those lists about lists kind of people) and I have come to the conclusion that I must actually be the most unorganised person in the world. (Typical student, ehh?) Majority of my fellow flatmates seem to have started packing/finished packing/are completely ready to move in. I, on the other hand, could not be further from that.

I'm lucky, my duvet, cover, toaster and various bits of kitchen-y type stuff have been donated to me by generous family members (Saving me half a ton of money that can be spent better elsewhere.) But packing it all up and then putting it in the car is actually so much harder. I'm not lazy but I've found I'm much better at procrastinating finding more essential things to do. I move in in less that 48 hours and I still haven't even started on my clothes and all those other essentials.

I know that I need to start but I just don't know quite where the best place to begin is... Anyone want to be my fairy godmother and do it for me?
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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Change. It can only be good.

Aston University Student Accommodation
Typical Student Accommodation (Photo credit: ell brown)
Today I read a tweet that pointed out how weird it was that next year new students would be living in the flat that was my second home for a year...

Last year at university, I was unfortunate fortunate enough to live in the cr*ppest hall block in the entire campus. Its only blessing seemed to be that the rent was so cheap compared to others on campus... This may sound like a nightmare (I figured it would be when that's the accommodation that the university assigned to me. I refused to go to university at all, until I was talked around...) but it really was the complete opposite.

It may sound backwards, but I had the best time in this hall block (especially when we compared our rather 'exotic' antics to those of more expensive blocks, who incidentally seemed to have more issues that needed security to solve than us...) In my hall block, I met my university family, complete with mother hen who made sure we all ate regularly and made it in from a night out, protective 'brother' who kept an eye out for us on nights out and vet potential boyfriends and 'sisters' that I could gossip with until the small hours of the next day. My university family looked out for each other, no one outside my halls could talk trash about us or our flats, but we could... (It was the state of them that we all bonded over...) They have all been added to my collection of life-long friends (Thankyou for tolerating putting up with me! :) )

September sees us all reunited in a new house... a huge step up from the accomadation that we had. It is twice as big (My bed's a double! Not half a single like it was!) and the kitchen looks like it should be in a Ikea brochure. It's a huge change.

Although I would generally rather things didn't change, this change is good. It takes me to the next step in my life and my second year at university (where I should become a complete nerd attend all my lectures and actually knuckle down!).

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Student Staples.

Deutsch: Mal fehen of if Rehe in Kekfform find...
Every students apparent staple piece.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
More often than not, us university students share tips and other random bits of trivia that we believe will help and possibly entertain each other, because hey, advice can only be helpful right? (At least that's what I'm hoping...)

It was said by a friend that when reading an article about university and it said that students need an espresso machine as much as they need a printer.

This struck me as bizarre. Partly because students have no money and coffee machines aren't particularly cheap (I seem to be able to find them for £100 - and I can think of so many better ways of spending that kind of money!)

I know that the general stereotype is that students rise late in the morning (true!), drink lots of coffee to wake themselves up (Sometimes true, but I know more people who drink tea..) and blow their student loans on drinking both during and after freshers (Again, fairly true.) So why would this type of kitchen gadget take over from a printer?

Trust me, the printer is a much better investment,especially if like me, you're lazy and don't want to talk to the university library to use that one...

When you become a student, you learn about budgeting and spending by making mistakes. But my suggestion is you save the coffee machine for when you're 40, have your own place, and need a strong espresso to get you motivated for another day at work.
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Friday, 23 August 2013

Food shop - Spanish Style.

This blog is coming to you from the scorching south of spain, using a spanish keyboard where all the buttons are in the wrong place! This is probably my hardest blog to date!

When in a different country that isn´t the amazingly sunny UK, I like to explore the local hangouts and find the places that the locals use regularly - why not properly immerse youself (When in Rome, as they say!)

The best place I´ve managed so far is the supermarket - not the one across from the resort that has everything written in English for the tourists - the one thats a 10 minute walk down the side of what I´m sure is classed as an A road in the UK. Here I seem to have found all sorts of different foods that would be so out of place for home. (Some of it would probably cause uproar!)

I was browsing the shelves in said supermarket - had decided I´d rather spend my money on drink (typical university student - why break the habit of a lifetime?) when I found a whole rabbit, skinned then vacuum packed for the spanish to take home and eat. Now I´m aware that people hunt and then eat rabbit at home, but this was something of a novalty (Especially when LittleBrother took to chasing a rather squeamish LittleSister around the supermarket!) Safe to say we didn´t land up with rabbit for dinner that night....

Whilst in the supermarket, I thought I´d see how much difference there was in price for various ítems. (Food shops are so expensive these days!) I was shocked to find that a médium size bottle of peach Scnapps (Beautiful with lemonade and ice/in a cocktails) was just over 2 Euros. That´s just over £1.60! Way way way cheaper than what I´m used to at home, that´s for sure!

The Spanish way of life is so much more relaxed and on the surface less expensive - although, I seem to spend more because of it! I´m not looking forward to the day I have to do my first shop for univeristy... especially knowing how cheap it is here... I suppose at least in the UK I can have my favourites like Marmite on toast (nothing beats in for breakfast - except for someone else cooking me bacon sándwiches.) and know that the supermarket actually stocks it.

For now, I´m going back into the sunlight, attempting to tan my incredibly fair skin and making the most of the chance to be away. Adios bloggers!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Don't you remember? - A Useless University Theory.

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...
Brain scanning - our 'memory centre' (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ever been asked a question that you should know the answer too, but when asked the answer completely disappears from your brain? Cant find something you're looking for, even though you know you saw said object not so long ago?

We've all been there....

Recently it happened to me. I was at a local festival and the artist on stage played a song that stuck with me. Except, when I tried to work it out, I had no idea what the song was, who the original artist was, and the more I thought, the less of the lyrics I could remember. (It was Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons.

The 'university' family have a theory. That someone asking if you know the answer is enough to make you forget/ have the word on the tip of you tongue where it gets firmly stuck. And of course the more people you ask, the less people can remember, until some bright spark comes up with it potentially hours later... (It took me weeks to work mine out. Probably because no one else had a clue what I was on about.)

I'm hoping we're not the only random bunch of people that this happens too, that'd completely screw up our theory... But for us it works. So when it comes to remembering trivia or facts, We're totally not your people.

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Monday, 19 August 2013

Chinese. Take 2.

Takeaway Dinner for Two
(Photo credit: avlxyz)
Picture the scene.

Couple out for romantic dinner at Chinese restaurant where they order lots of food and enjoy the company of each other. Sit for a while, talking and enjoying the food that is in front of them. When they're done, they realise quite how much food is left. (Easily enough to feed them for another meal...)

What do they do? Leave it? Or ask the waitress to box it up?

I took option two, bit the bullet and asked to take it home with me. Figured it had been paid for and that to just throw it away would be a complete waste of food and money. And it was lovely when reheated the next day for lunch. (Even if a few people were slightly disgusted at the sight of my reheated beef and black bean takeaway.)

But so many people don't like the idea of reheated food the next day/wouldn't eat left overs for the next day/don't have the guts to have it boxed up to take home. (Totally worth doing though!)

Stand by for my rant...

I'm sorry but, It's such a waste! Just think how much money and food could be saved if everyone made the effort to not throw everything out. That's todays tip. If it can be saved, save it. You'll save food and money (More money to then use on a night out - student loans only stretch so far...)
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People Watching

I'm an incredibly nosey sort of person. Nothing suits me more than sitting on a bench somewhere watching the world go by and wondering what sort of lives people live ( also guilty of sitting in restaurants and listening to interesting conversations on the next table...) 

In the last few days, I've seen some amazing examples of people who just interested me/entertained me... A lot.

At the airport, I realised that growing older does not necessarily mean that you grow up. At the departures gate where we sat waiting to board, I saw a middle aged woman stand up, squash her face against the glass to get a reaction from the people who were passing... Se then sat down and acted as though nothing had happened. V. Funny. (Totally want to be like that when I 'grow older')

At the pool this morning a man and his son walked past. I know they say that boys look like their dads, but this kid took it to a new level. The walk was the same. The hair was the same. The swim trunks were pretty much the same. At least that kid knows exactly what he'll look like in the future. 

Last night, the entertainment was a female singer who covered songs and had 'a thing' for trousers with a split to the thigh. The choice of outfit led to the males at out table deliberating whether she was infact wearing underwear or had miraculously managed to hide them in that skintight outfit.  She obviously had a passion for the job she does, she just could have been slightly better - maybe it was an off night... It did make me wonder whether it was her day job or whether she did more, where she lived and who she actually was. 

I've always been taught not to judge people by how they look... People watching reinforces that. It's always the ones that you don't expect to be interesting that you remember. 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

I need a holiday!

English: Flags of Europe, Andalusia and Spain ...
 Flags of Europe, Andalusia and Spain in Granada (Spain) Español: Banderas de Europa, Andalucía y España en Granada (España) szl: Fany Ojropejskij Uńije, Andaluzyje a Szpańije we sztadźe Granada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's that time of the year again, the annual two weeks (Just about) away to the sunny south of Spain, full of sun, sea and cocktails (Definitely got my priorities while I'm away...)

But before we actually get there, there is departure day and this brings a whole host of issues and stresses that must be conquered before we can leave the house, let alone make it to the beach!

In my house, there's the usual stressing 'Is everything packed?' 'Have you packed everything you need?' 'Are you sure?!' Which I have - somehow, the girl who always runs late is ready, organised, and even has time to chill and write a blog post. Miracle! All the suitcases are lined up at the front door, hand luggage lined up next to the suitcases, all ready to be packed in the car.... Move any of the luggage even the tiniest bit, then face the wrath of the parents who are desperately trying to get everything organised and need everything just so....

The dogs have already been sent on their 'holiday'... Not sure how impressed they'll be but hey, change of scene does everyone/everydog some good.

All that needs to happen is the last minute check for passports, money and all the family before we leave, off to the airport for yet more stressing about checking in, clearing security and making sure we make the departure time..

I'm going to need a holiday after this!

Adios, and so long bloggers!

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Present Panic.

a present with a ribbon on top
A present with a ribbon on top
I'm one of those born worriers in life. I worry about everything, from missing the bus to upsetting people who mean something to my life. This makes birthdays and shopping for presents one of the most stressful  things I have to deal with... (I'm not including hitting deadlines at university in this.... Unfortunately that's a billion times worse...!)

Tomorrow, its a birthday in my family. And I have spent weeks asking the birthday girl what she wants. If I ever hear 'I don't know' as an answer again, I may go slightly insane.... (In the end I got desperate and had to ask mum for inspiration. Bad I know.) Even after that inspiration I had to look in a fair few shops to find what I'm looking for, adding to the panic.

The present is all wrapped, badly I should add. (at least she can't guess what it is?) and now I'm panicking that it won't be right/she won't like it/she'll get this from someone else... or that my present is just plain cr*p.

So if you ever get present from me for any occasion - Birthdays, Christmas or Anniversaries - please just smile, because I can assure you, that makes all the panicking and rushing worth while.
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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Results day - Celebration or Commiseration?

English: Academic procession at the University...
Academic procession at the University of Canterbury graduation ceremony 2004. Photo taken by . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Tomorrow morning is the morning that A/ AS Level students have been dreading... results day! These results could potentially get them a place at the university of their dreams or bring their aspirations crashing down around them...

Facebook and twitter will be full of status's (or is the plural stasi?) and tweets of people bragging how perfect their results are while you're left to wonder whether the university will even accept you with your set of results...

Don't Panic!

Not everyone is going to have results that are that perfect, I certainly didn't (I was a grade below the entry requirements in two subjects!). And I'm still at university, thankfully into my second year of this madness!

First of all, you can always apply with UCAS to go through clearing, this often  gets students places at universities, even if you are a small way off the entry requirements.

There's always the chance to resit/retake/remark exams that have the potential to have the grades put up and therefore get into your chosen university. OR you could take a year out, re-study or work and then reapply. There is always the chance for university, do not give up at the first hurdle!

Goodluck Results Recievers!

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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The nightmare of the 'overnight' stay.

Todays the day I've been looking forward to all week, I've been counting down the hours pretty much like a small child at Christmas (Sad I know...). Finally it's time for the regular commute up to the boyfriend for cuddles and general other soppiness (just what I need!)

But before I leave there's always a few major  minor hurdles that I need to get over.

The first hurdle is the fact I procrastinate. I know I need to start getting organised but I never start getting ready until the last possible moment....

Hurdle #2 - Packing is something I've always hated. During large-scale packs, I'm often found stuck in the middle of a pile of cr*p shouting 'BoredNow!' hoping someone else will a. come and rescue me and b. finish off the rest of it. Packing for a night or so should be easier, but experience says this isn't often true....

There's a multitude of different scenarios that could happen in the 48 hours I'm away, and there needs to be an outfit for ever occasion (Can't be turning up for a dinner out in holey trackies and a baggy t-shirt! Just like I don't want to be lounging around in a dress for going out... ). This often means that the same hold-all I took away last year for a week holiday with the girls is crammed to bursting point with stuff. All for the shortest amount of time. I regularly get asked if I'm moving in.... v. awkward!

Hurdle #3 is the actual drive. I actually love driving, windows down and music up. But this particular drive means I have to drive the M25 which is hell in road form always seems to be busy with queues making my drive time 2-3 times longer than is. Which doesn't help when I know there is a cuddle at the end of it!

Procrastination done. Packing (miraculously!) done. Just for the (hopefully) traffic free drive. Fingerscrossed!

Red Bull. Gives you wings.

Was working today (as per usual, I hasten to add) on a fairly slow and quiet afternoon when in walked two RedBull promoters waving free cans of their brand new flavour editions; Red Edition RedBull (flavoured with cranberry), Blue Edition RedBull (flavoured with blueberry) and Silver Edition RedBull (flavoured with lime).

Now I'm a great fan of energy drinks, being that I'm a student with lots of deadlines that I work  through the night   late in the evening to complete. That combined with the hate of early mornings mean I'll take any helping hand available. (Even when this includes 40 hours no sleep, serious stomach pains and feeling sick at the idea of drinking another can of energy drink. - Which fortunately I've managed to get over...)

Anywhom, these promoters instantly won the males over in my work team, with their long legs, tiny waists and flowing locks (all promoters seem to look like this, could almost assume companies breed them to all look the same...) by waving there cans desperately trying to offload them. The girls and I, then decided to get in on the action, after all the chance to try new products, that's totally my thing...

Opted for Red Edition RedBull while a friend opted for Silver Edition RedBull which of course we halved in the name of research... Both were delicious, and I can totally imagine them being perfect with a splash (or so) of vodka. Surprisingly, I preferred the Red Edition, even though I only really like cranberry juice in my 'sex on the beach' cocktails... Will definitely be looking for these editions  (especially the Blueberry, need to try that!) on my adventure out.

After this welcome distraction, the day seemed to go a little bit quicker - undecided whether this was because of the welcome distraction or the RedBull itself. Maybe its true what they say.

RedBull. Gives you wings.

I was not paid to write this post. I received a free sample to try. Views are entirely my own.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Carpe Diem.

So many people have this horrible tendency of letting life pass them by and not making the most of the talent and time they have - morbid thought there, I know. But its true, so many people coast along through life expecting all the opportunities to fall from the sky into their lap and to have an amazing life...
That's not how it works.
I was surfing the internet a few weeks back (not something I normally do, but it was during exams and I was procrastinating) and I came across Zach Sobiech's Story.
Aged 14, Zach was diagnosed with osteosarcoma  (a rare bone cancer more often found in children than adults) in his hipbone but he decided to not let this stop him achieving his dreams. Zach began writing song lyrics shortly after his diagnosis and decided that although his condition was serious (The survival rates range from 15 - 30%) he wanted to release a song so that the world could hear his music. In May 2012, Zach was told by doctors that he had less than a year to live and it became obvious that he was not going to beat this condition, he wrote songs that he told his family and girlfriend would be there to comfort them when he was gone. In December 2012, Zach created and released a video that showed his battle with the cancer.
 Zach had such a positive outlook on life and remained positive and filled his time creating memories with those whom he loved. He was know for always lifting the spirits of those around him and always smiling.
Zach died on the 20th of May 2013 aged 18.
Zach knew he didn't have all the time in the world to get married, have children and live a full life with his girlfriend. He was grateful for every day he had. So many people out there assume that life will just carry on for them and that they will get to celebrate all this milestones. But what if you can't? Sit up. Make a difference. Seize the day.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

As the age old saying goes, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and this couldn't possibly be more true. The genders are polar opposites of each other. Men could literally come from an entirely different planet from our, with their different man-culture and grunts that often pass off as the man-language.

Man wakes up, throws on clothes (usually from the pile on the floor....) and is out the door to face the world in under 30 seconds. Spends the day keeping busy and talking about their worlds biggest mystery - the woman - who they as a species will probably never completely understand. Heads home to man den where takeaway leaflets are available for man to choose its dinner. Settles himself in front of various computer consoles where he stays beer in one hand, remote in the other until the early hours of the morning...

Woman wakes up, debates the practicality/suitability of outfit for the day. Puts on said outfit and looks in the mirror. Changes mind and changes outfit. Several times. Applies make-up. Steps out the door a fair while after she first awakes. Spends the day gossiping about the man and deciding which pair of shoes to buy with next paycheck. Reapplies make-up. Heads home, changes again for a night out with the girls including dinner and cocktails and stumbles home ready for a decent night sleep the next morning...

(Ok, so maybe that's a bit much with the sweeping generalisations...)

Supposedly, it takes a long time for a man to even begin to understand a woman's wants a needs. (Although, waking up to a bacon sandwich for breakfast in bed always goes down well and shows that they're trying.) We're not that difficult to read, not normally anyway. Every girl just wants a guy that's there for her, to have a laugh with, who doesn't run to the hills when she's a complete psycho hormonal, and that loves her for being her. We're just the same as you are, crazy people, living crazy lives on our planet. Earth.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

One - Nil Mother Nature.

I love a day spent in my pj's sat in front of the tele with chocolate in one hand and TV remote to surf cr*ppy day time programmes. Easily consider it one of my guilty pleasures, that and my fondness of chocolate (No weekly food shop is complete without the obligatory bar of 'emergency' chocolate!) but today I figured I'd sit up and see the world, and actually attempt to make a change and do some exercise...

We've all done it, decided that todays the day that we ditch the rubbish food, do actual exercise (that doesn't just include trekking to the fridge for more food) and begin treating our bodies better.  Figured I'd do just that and start with a nice easy stroll with the dogs, and see some of what nature has to offer...

Picture this, sunlight shining through the green leaves at the height of summer, slight breeze to stop the temperature getting to warm, someone to chat to as you stroll at a leisurely pace. This is what I was hoping...

Begin walking, weathers lovely, not too hot, not too cold. Start to think that I could do this regularly and build some idea of stamina. Big mistake. Half hour in, shoes are rubbing, feet are blistering and dog are being general pains. And then I get tied up in a dog lead as the dogs run rings around me until I'm stuck. Think I'd way rather be at home in those comfy pj's. Dog walking companion just laughs and as she untangles me, I get a smack to the eye. Cue black eye and huge scratch. The forest isn't cut out for dealing with injuries so have to carry on walking with other walkers looking at me like I'm some sort of violent savage.

After an hour dog walk, I'm cut, bruised and blistered.

This is when I realise I'm not cut out for this exercise malarkey and would much rather be sat at home with a bag of chocolate (much like now) than venture outside and face nature. One day something might change, but for now, I'll stick with the world of soaps and documentaries. After all, its a jungle out there.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hello Blogger-sphere!

Lets start with the introductions. Me. 19. Ginger. General loudmouth. Work best under pressure but don't deal well with stress. Live life by the motto; Seize the day. Hate Baked Beans and English and have an apparently love of Long Distance Relationships (yes, they can work!) and duvet days. Second Year Student studying Finance and Business (why I thought the finance/maths part was a good idea I will never know...) Lived in halls for the first year and now living in rented accommodation. Love the university atmosphere but not the 9 o'clock lectures! Learnt a thing or two about how to survive drinking games and avoid the dreaded hangover the next morning...

University. For many, the next step up on the ladder of education... Lets be honest, as exciting as it is, it also can be terrifying to have such a big change in life. This is where 'Surviving University One Week at a Time' comes in, a blog full of tips, tricks and general stories to try and make life that little bit easier and make sure if you're new to the whole thing, that you're not alone and that it will be the BEST experience of your life.