Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Change. It can only be good.

Aston University Student Accommodation
Typical Student Accommodation (Photo credit: ell brown)
Today I read a tweet that pointed out how weird it was that next year new students would be living in the flat that was my second home for a year...

Last year at university, I was unfortunate fortunate enough to live in the cr*ppest hall block in the entire campus. Its only blessing seemed to be that the rent was so cheap compared to others on campus... This may sound like a nightmare (I figured it would be when that's the accommodation that the university assigned to me. I refused to go to university at all, until I was talked around...) but it really was the complete opposite.

It may sound backwards, but I had the best time in this hall block (especially when we compared our rather 'exotic' antics to those of more expensive blocks, who incidentally seemed to have more issues that needed security to solve than us...) In my hall block, I met my university family, complete with mother hen who made sure we all ate regularly and made it in from a night out, protective 'brother' who kept an eye out for us on nights out and vet potential boyfriends and 'sisters' that I could gossip with until the small hours of the next day. My university family looked out for each other, no one outside my halls could talk trash about us or our flats, but we could... (It was the state of them that we all bonded over...) They have all been added to my collection of life-long friends (Thankyou for tolerating putting up with me! :) )

September sees us all reunited in a new house... a huge step up from the accomadation that we had. It is twice as big (My bed's a double! Not half a single like it was!) and the kitchen looks like it should be in a Ikea brochure. It's a huge change.

Although I would generally rather things didn't change, this change is good. It takes me to the next step in my life and my second year at university (where I should become a complete nerd attend all my lectures and actually knuckle down!).

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