Monday, 19 August 2013

Chinese. Take 2.

Takeaway Dinner for Two
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Picture the scene.

Couple out for romantic dinner at Chinese restaurant where they order lots of food and enjoy the company of each other. Sit for a while, talking and enjoying the food that is in front of them. When they're done, they realise quite how much food is left. (Easily enough to feed them for another meal...)

What do they do? Leave it? Or ask the waitress to box it up?

I took option two, bit the bullet and asked to take it home with me. Figured it had been paid for and that to just throw it away would be a complete waste of food and money. And it was lovely when reheated the next day for lunch. (Even if a few people were slightly disgusted at the sight of my reheated beef and black bean takeaway.)

But so many people don't like the idea of reheated food the next day/wouldn't eat left overs for the next day/don't have the guts to have it boxed up to take home. (Totally worth doing though!)

Stand by for my rant...

I'm sorry but, It's such a waste! Just think how much money and food could be saved if everyone made the effort to not throw everything out. That's todays tip. If it can be saved, save it. You'll save food and money (More money to then use on a night out - student loans only stretch so far...)
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