Thursday, 22 August 2013

Don't you remember? - A Useless University Theory.

Brain scanning technology is quickly approachi...
Brain scanning - our 'memory centre' (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Ever been asked a question that you should know the answer too, but when asked the answer completely disappears from your brain? Cant find something you're looking for, even though you know you saw said object not so long ago?

We've all been there....

Recently it happened to me. I was at a local festival and the artist on stage played a song that stuck with me. Except, when I tried to work it out, I had no idea what the song was, who the original artist was, and the more I thought, the less of the lyrics I could remember. (It was Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons.

The 'university' family have a theory. That someone asking if you know the answer is enough to make you forget/ have the word on the tip of you tongue where it gets firmly stuck. And of course the more people you ask, the less people can remember, until some bright spark comes up with it potentially hours later... (It took me weeks to work mine out. Probably because no one else had a clue what I was on about.)

I'm hoping we're not the only random bunch of people that this happens too, that'd completely screw up our theory... But for us it works. So when it comes to remembering trivia or facts, We're totally not your people.

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