Friday, 23 August 2013

Food shop - Spanish Style.

This blog is coming to you from the scorching south of spain, using a spanish keyboard where all the buttons are in the wrong place! This is probably my hardest blog to date!

When in a different country that isn´t the amazingly sunny UK, I like to explore the local hangouts and find the places that the locals use regularly - why not properly immerse youself (When in Rome, as they say!)

The best place I´ve managed so far is the supermarket - not the one across from the resort that has everything written in English for the tourists - the one thats a 10 minute walk down the side of what I´m sure is classed as an A road in the UK. Here I seem to have found all sorts of different foods that would be so out of place for home. (Some of it would probably cause uproar!)

I was browsing the shelves in said supermarket - had decided I´d rather spend my money on drink (typical university student - why break the habit of a lifetime?) when I found a whole rabbit, skinned then vacuum packed for the spanish to take home and eat. Now I´m aware that people hunt and then eat rabbit at home, but this was something of a novalty (Especially when LittleBrother took to chasing a rather squeamish LittleSister around the supermarket!) Safe to say we didn´t land up with rabbit for dinner that night....

Whilst in the supermarket, I thought I´d see how much difference there was in price for various ítems. (Food shops are so expensive these days!) I was shocked to find that a médium size bottle of peach Scnapps (Beautiful with lemonade and ice/in a cocktails) was just over 2 Euros. That´s just over £1.60! Way way way cheaper than what I´m used to at home, that´s for sure!

The Spanish way of life is so much more relaxed and on the surface less expensive - although, I seem to spend more because of it! I´m not looking forward to the day I have to do my first shop for univeristy... especially knowing how cheap it is here... I suppose at least in the UK I can have my favourites like Marmite on toast (nothing beats in for breakfast - except for someone else cooking me bacon sándwiches.) and know that the supermarket actually stocks it.

For now, I´m going back into the sunlight, attempting to tan my incredibly fair skin and making the most of the chance to be away. Adios bloggers!

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