Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Hello Blogger-sphere!

Lets start with the introductions. Me. 19. Ginger. General loudmouth. Work best under pressure but don't deal well with stress. Live life by the motto; Seize the day. Hate Baked Beans and English and have an apparently love of Long Distance Relationships (yes, they can work!) and duvet days. Second Year Student studying Finance and Business (why I thought the finance/maths part was a good idea I will never know...) Lived in halls for the first year and now living in rented accommodation. Love the university atmosphere but not the 9 o'clock lectures! Learnt a thing or two about how to survive drinking games and avoid the dreaded hangover the next morning...

University. For many, the next step up on the ladder of education... Lets be honest, as exciting as it is, it also can be terrifying to have such a big change in life. This is where 'Surviving University One Week at a Time' comes in, a blog full of tips, tricks and general stories to try and make life that little bit easier and make sure if you're new to the whole thing, that you're not alone and that it will be the BEST experience of your life.


  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventures!

  2. God I remember when we were only contemplating you writing a blog! seems so long ago!