Friday, 9 August 2013

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

As the age old saying goes, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and this couldn't possibly be more true. The genders are polar opposites of each other. Men could literally come from an entirely different planet from our, with their different man-culture and grunts that often pass off as the man-language.

Man wakes up, throws on clothes (usually from the pile on the floor....) and is out the door to face the world in under 30 seconds. Spends the day keeping busy and talking about their worlds biggest mystery - the woman - who they as a species will probably never completely understand. Heads home to man den where takeaway leaflets are available for man to choose its dinner. Settles himself in front of various computer consoles where he stays beer in one hand, remote in the other until the early hours of the morning...

Woman wakes up, debates the practicality/suitability of outfit for the day. Puts on said outfit and looks in the mirror. Changes mind and changes outfit. Several times. Applies make-up. Steps out the door a fair while after she first awakes. Spends the day gossiping about the man and deciding which pair of shoes to buy with next paycheck. Reapplies make-up. Heads home, changes again for a night out with the girls including dinner and cocktails and stumbles home ready for a decent night sleep the next morning...

(Ok, so maybe that's a bit much with the sweeping generalisations...)

Supposedly, it takes a long time for a man to even begin to understand a woman's wants a needs. (Although, waking up to a bacon sandwich for breakfast in bed always goes down well and shows that they're trying.) We're not that difficult to read, not normally anyway. Every girl just wants a guy that's there for her, to have a laugh with, who doesn't run to the hills when she's a complete psycho hormonal, and that loves her for being her. We're just the same as you are, crazy people, living crazy lives on our planet. Earth.

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