Thursday, 8 August 2013

One - Nil Mother Nature.

I love a day spent in my pj's sat in front of the tele with chocolate in one hand and TV remote to surf cr*ppy day time programmes. Easily consider it one of my guilty pleasures, that and my fondness of chocolate (No weekly food shop is complete without the obligatory bar of 'emergency' chocolate!) but today I figured I'd sit up and see the world, and actually attempt to make a change and do some exercise...

We've all done it, decided that todays the day that we ditch the rubbish food, do actual exercise (that doesn't just include trekking to the fridge for more food) and begin treating our bodies better.  Figured I'd do just that and start with a nice easy stroll with the dogs, and see some of what nature has to offer...

Picture this, sunlight shining through the green leaves at the height of summer, slight breeze to stop the temperature getting to warm, someone to chat to as you stroll at a leisurely pace. This is what I was hoping...

Begin walking, weathers lovely, not too hot, not too cold. Start to think that I could do this regularly and build some idea of stamina. Big mistake. Half hour in, shoes are rubbing, feet are blistering and dog are being general pains. And then I get tied up in a dog lead as the dogs run rings around me until I'm stuck. Think I'd way rather be at home in those comfy pj's. Dog walking companion just laughs and as she untangles me, I get a smack to the eye. Cue black eye and huge scratch. The forest isn't cut out for dealing with injuries so have to carry on walking with other walkers looking at me like I'm some sort of violent savage.

After an hour dog walk, I'm cut, bruised and blistered.

This is when I realise I'm not cut out for this exercise malarkey and would much rather be sat at home with a bag of chocolate (much like now) than venture outside and face nature. One day something might change, but for now, I'll stick with the world of soaps and documentaries. After all, its a jungle out there.

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