Monday, 19 August 2013

People Watching

I'm an incredibly nosey sort of person. Nothing suits me more than sitting on a bench somewhere watching the world go by and wondering what sort of lives people live ( also guilty of sitting in restaurants and listening to interesting conversations on the next table...) 

In the last few days, I've seen some amazing examples of people who just interested me/entertained me... A lot.

At the airport, I realised that growing older does not necessarily mean that you grow up. At the departures gate where we sat waiting to board, I saw a middle aged woman stand up, squash her face against the glass to get a reaction from the people who were passing... Se then sat down and acted as though nothing had happened. V. Funny. (Totally want to be like that when I 'grow older')

At the pool this morning a man and his son walked past. I know they say that boys look like their dads, but this kid took it to a new level. The walk was the same. The hair was the same. The swim trunks were pretty much the same. At least that kid knows exactly what he'll look like in the future. 

Last night, the entertainment was a female singer who covered songs and had 'a thing' for trousers with a split to the thigh. The choice of outfit led to the males at out table deliberating whether she was infact wearing underwear or had miraculously managed to hide them in that skintight outfit.  She obviously had a passion for the job she does, she just could have been slightly better - maybe it was an off night... It did make me wonder whether it was her day job or whether she did more, where she lived and who she actually was. 

I've always been taught not to judge people by how they look... People watching reinforces that. It's always the ones that you don't expect to be interesting that you remember. 

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