Thursday, 15 August 2013

Present Panic.

a present with a ribbon on top
A present with a ribbon on top
I'm one of those born worriers in life. I worry about everything, from missing the bus to upsetting people who mean something to my life. This makes birthdays and shopping for presents one of the most stressful  things I have to deal with... (I'm not including hitting deadlines at university in this.... Unfortunately that's a billion times worse...!)

Tomorrow, its a birthday in my family. And I have spent weeks asking the birthday girl what she wants. If I ever hear 'I don't know' as an answer again, I may go slightly insane.... (In the end I got desperate and had to ask mum for inspiration. Bad I know.) Even after that inspiration I had to look in a fair few shops to find what I'm looking for, adding to the panic.

The present is all wrapped, badly I should add. (at least she can't guess what it is?) and now I'm panicking that it won't be right/she won't like it/she'll get this from someone else... or that my present is just plain cr*p.

So if you ever get present from me for any occasion - Birthdays, Christmas or Anniversaries - please just smile, because I can assure you, that makes all the panicking and rushing worth while.
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