Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Red Bull. Gives you wings.

Was working today (as per usual, I hasten to add) on a fairly slow and quiet afternoon when in walked two RedBull promoters waving free cans of their brand new flavour editions; Red Edition RedBull (flavoured with cranberry), Blue Edition RedBull (flavoured with blueberry) and Silver Edition RedBull (flavoured with lime).

Now I'm a great fan of energy drinks, being that I'm a student with lots of deadlines that I work  through the night   late in the evening to complete. That combined with the hate of early mornings mean I'll take any helping hand available. (Even when this includes 40 hours no sleep, serious stomach pains and feeling sick at the idea of drinking another can of energy drink. - Which fortunately I've managed to get over...)

Anywhom, these promoters instantly won the males over in my work team, with their long legs, tiny waists and flowing locks (all promoters seem to look like this, could almost assume companies breed them to all look the same...) by waving there cans desperately trying to offload them. The girls and I, then decided to get in on the action, after all the chance to try new products, that's totally my thing...

Opted for Red Edition RedBull while a friend opted for Silver Edition RedBull which of course we halved in the name of research... Both were delicious, and I can totally imagine them being perfect with a splash (or so) of vodka. Surprisingly, I preferred the Red Edition, even though I only really like cranberry juice in my 'sex on the beach' cocktails... Will definitely be looking for these editions  (especially the Blueberry, need to try that!) on my adventure out.

After this welcome distraction, the day seemed to go a little bit quicker - undecided whether this was because of the welcome distraction or the RedBull itself. Maybe its true what they say.

RedBull. Gives you wings.

I was not paid to write this post. I received a free sample to try. Views are entirely my own.

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