Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Results day - Celebration or Commiseration?

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Tomorrow morning is the morning that A/ AS Level students have been dreading... results day! These results could potentially get them a place at the university of their dreams or bring their aspirations crashing down around them...

Facebook and twitter will be full of status's (or is the plural stasi?) and tweets of people bragging how perfect their results are while you're left to wonder whether the university will even accept you with your set of results...

Don't Panic!

Not everyone is going to have results that are that perfect, I certainly didn't (I was a grade below the entry requirements in two subjects!). And I'm still at university, thankfully into my second year of this madness!

First of all, you can always apply with UCAS to go through clearing, this often  gets students places at universities, even if you are a small way off the entry requirements.

There's always the chance to resit/retake/remark exams that have the potential to have the grades put up and therefore get into your chosen university. OR you could take a year out, re-study or work and then reapply. There is always the chance for university, do not give up at the first hurdle!

Goodluck Results Recievers!

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