Saturday, 24 August 2013

Student Staples.

Deutsch: Mal fehen of if Rehe in Kekfform find...
Every students apparent staple piece.
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More often than not, us university students share tips and other random bits of trivia that we believe will help and possibly entertain each other, because hey, advice can only be helpful right? (At least that's what I'm hoping...)

It was said by a friend that when reading an article about university and it said that students need an espresso machine as much as they need a printer.

This struck me as bizarre. Partly because students have no money and coffee machines aren't particularly cheap (I seem to be able to find them for £100 - and I can think of so many better ways of spending that kind of money!)

I know that the general stereotype is that students rise late in the morning (true!), drink lots of coffee to wake themselves up (Sometimes true, but I know more people who drink tea..) and blow their student loans on drinking both during and after freshers (Again, fairly true.) So why would this type of kitchen gadget take over from a printer?

Trust me, the printer is a much better investment,especially if like me, you're lazy and don't want to talk to the university library to use that one...

When you become a student, you learn about budgeting and spending by making mistakes. But my suggestion is you save the coffee machine for when you're 40, have your own place, and need a strong espresso to get you motivated for another day at work.
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