Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Blonde/Senile Moments.

Bedroom_ (Photo credit: kobiz7)
Wish my room looked like this! Would never
have a problem then!
So I'm still packing... ('Started' last night and that went awfully... see that here ) and I finally seem to be getting somewhere, until I realised I had put away some baking trays for safe keeping and needed to find them before I leave at some point tomorrow morning. (I'd give a time, but its safer to just say am/pm. I'm not particularly good with timekeeping and I'm always guilty of having an excuse... sorry!)

Can I find said baking trays? No I cannot. I have looked everywhere humanly possible to find them. All the drawers in my room, just to find useless cr*p that I had forgotten/am embarrassed to admit I even owned (a leopard print onesie being the worse.) Among the clothes in my wardrobe, not there. Behind the bed, only found sweetie wrappers (can see what my guilty pleasure is there then....)

I'm stumped. I have no clue. As far as I'm concerned they've just got up and walked out the door - a perfectly reasonable excuse in my book. I'll admit, more often than not, my room is a mess, seeing the carpet is an achievement but today it's clean (on account of the fact I haven't been here for two weeks...) and it hasn't helped.

I always seem to lose things. I'd love to call it a blonde/senile moment, but unfortunately I'm neither blonde or old (although more recently there has been times when I've begun to feel it when around the kids.) so I don't have any excuses.

Regularly I lose my phone, and because its on silent (always.) I can never find it again. Its a nightmare...


Figured I'd ask mum whether she could find them (Mum always knows best!) and lo and behold, the d*mn trays appear. Where were they? In her room. The 'designated' safe place where she put them so that she knew where they were when I came to pack.

I'm losing things, and apparently my family are helping me think I'm losing my marbles. Surely I can't lose much more?!
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