Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The nightmare of the 'overnight' stay.

Todays the day I've been looking forward to all week, I've been counting down the hours pretty much like a small child at Christmas (Sad I know...). Finally it's time for the regular commute up to the boyfriend for cuddles and general other soppiness (just what I need!)

But before I leave there's always a few major  minor hurdles that I need to get over.

The first hurdle is the fact I procrastinate. I know I need to start getting organised but I never start getting ready until the last possible moment....

Hurdle #2 - Packing is something I've always hated. During large-scale packs, I'm often found stuck in the middle of a pile of cr*p shouting 'BoredNow!' hoping someone else will a. come and rescue me and b. finish off the rest of it. Packing for a night or so should be easier, but experience says this isn't often true....

There's a multitude of different scenarios that could happen in the 48 hours I'm away, and there needs to be an outfit for ever occasion (Can't be turning up for a dinner out in holey trackies and a baggy t-shirt! Just like I don't want to be lounging around in a dress for going out... ). This often means that the same hold-all I took away last year for a week holiday with the girls is crammed to bursting point with stuff. All for the shortest amount of time. I regularly get asked if I'm moving in.... v. awkward!

Hurdle #3 is the actual drive. I actually love driving, windows down and music up. But this particular drive means I have to drive the M25 which is hell in road form always seems to be busy with queues making my drive time 2-3 times longer than is. Which doesn't help when I know there is a cuddle at the end of it!

Procrastination done. Packing (miraculously!) done. Just for the (hopefully) traffic free drive. Fingerscrossed!

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