Monday, 30 September 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Me in the Christmas Spirit!
Well that's another weekend down, onto the main part of the week (insert sentiments of joy/despair here....)  It's only 85 days until Christmas (See the exact countdown here), the most magical day of the year, especially if you're younger than me, and still expect Father Christmas to leave you presents in a stocking for you to open on Christmas Morning.. (Unfortunately, I seem to be getting a little past this point...) But seriously. 85 days. Just over 12 weeks. That's three more pay checks - if you're lucky!! That'll be gone before you know it.

Now, although I'm one of those people who thinks that the big stores start selling Christmassy type stuff far far far too early, (When the kids go back to school, I do not want to even contemplate celebrating Christmas, I just want to get back into the 'university routine') and that it comes around way to quick, I do love getting into the Christmas spirit.

I've always loved Christmas. Love the atmosphere, love the food (who wouldn't!) and rather impressively I love work at Christmas than any other time of the year.

We're very lucky to have a Christmas Wonderland where you get to meet Santa himself and his reindeers and to watch the excitement on the younger children's
face and hear how their visit went to me is one of the best part of Christmas. I may be slightly to old, but  I always make sure I go in and have a chat with Santa - just like I still put out a carrot and glass of milk. (Sad, I know)

Not long now. Must start planning presents/cards/decorations!
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Friday, 27 September 2013

And they lived happily ever after....

Disney (Photo credit: wickedboy_007)
Every little girl dreams of finding their Prince Charming, having the wonderful life with the fairy tale ending and I'm sure that this is down to the wonderful world of Disney.  I know every relationship is full of trials and tribulations, they wouldn't be worth it if it was all plain sailing but the good times have to outweigh the bad.

A phone call this morning about Disney films made me think about the films I'd seen when I was younger and I'm convinced that watching those Disney films as a kid is the reason that I'm a hopeless romantic and see the world through rose tinted glasses. And actually I think that it helps with my Long Distance Relationship. Somehow everything seems better when you think you love life is somewhat like Cinderella.

Me and my flatmates were debating how we wanted our Prince Charming to come sweep us off our feet, when it was pointed our that I already have that, and that I'm thoroughly spoilt. (Best thing is I know all this and I know I'm lucky and I'm definitely spoilt. BF - you know this too!)

I'm not going to get all mushy - hell, I'm not very good at mushy-ness - but I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone and they just need to give some time... because who knows when their knight in shining armour will whisk them off their feet.

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Thursday, 26 September 2013


I feel I have something to confess to everyone out there...

My name's Kathryn and I'm addicted to 'The Great British Bake-off'.

I can't seem to get through the week without my latest fix. It's just so addictive. And worse still, It's making me want to bake. A lot.

I have always had this passion for cooking and am known for cooking when I'm stressed (that's the best indicator that I'm struggling with anything) which is great for anyone who happens to live with me, especially during exams....

First draft of Hello Kitty Cake.
I love to give new designs a try and so when I was approached by a family friend to attempt to make a Hello Kitty birthday cake, I figured I'd give it a damn good shot. So when I had a quiet evening (the flatmates all left to see a horror film - totally not my thing!) Somewhere that way << is my first attempt, I know the colours were slightly off, but I figured at least you could tell what it was supposed to be. Well I think you can anyway....

Box of mixed cupcakes sold to the local village shop.

A few summer's ago I found that I could harness this 'stress relief' and make money so I sold boxes of mixed cupcakes to a local village shop and to other private orders. I loved the fact that people appreciated by baking and would actually pay for my products - who'd have thought! Unfortunately, I've had to put this all on hold being down at university, my kitchen would never pass the strict health and hygiene red tape!
Everyone enjoying Birthday Cake!

 Birthday's in my family are always celebrated with cake (See left!)  - I mean it's not a birthday without a decent slice of cake! And so I've always been brought up with baking and then the decorating. Mum made my birthday cakes for years & Nana decorated my parent's wedding cake - and I only found that out recently!

So for now, it's off to lectures,  to plan and plot my next baking creation.....

See more of my baking at my instagram @drurykat

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Closing the final curtain.

English: Sunset at Porto Covo, west coast of P...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So this blog is something a little different, it's less about university and more about life as a whole. I'm a firm believer that you have to stand up for what you believe in, even if there is tough opposition from others.

Assisted Suicide and Suicide is something that is regularly reported about through the various media channels. It's something that divides people, some believe that people suffering from conditions such as MS and terminal cancer should have the control to end their life with the dignity that they deserve.

I've always been a firm believer of assisted suicide, but I understand the flip side, and see the reasons why some people are so against the idea of giving people this way out. But every now and then there is a report in the media which just confirms my views. And it's not just the media, its in films, TV programmes and books.

Most recently I came across the blog of Frances Medley's poignant blog about taking her life. (You can read the blog here) Frances ended her life on the 18th of September - she was adamant it was not suicide. And although it was probably one of the hardest decision for her and those that it affected, I can understand every reason she gave.

Tony Nicklinson suffered from locked-in syndrome and approached the courts so that he could have a doctor help him die. It was all over the news, but the courts decided it was not the right decision. (Read the article here) He, with the support of his family, refuse food and subsequently died. Another example that for me, should have been helped to die as it was his wish and he was living a life that he was never going to get better from and the standard would never improve.

Many big names support euthanasia; the author Terry Pratchett, Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart & Steven Hawking to name a few but this is yet to be backed by the British Courts of Law. As it stands, if you assist in any way, you can face prosecution - voluntary euthanasia is murder - something I completely disagree with.

Life is something that should be value and cherished but when a person knows that they are dying and wants the control in their final moments, I believe that they should be given just that. As one last mark of respect.

 Please share your views below.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The hustle and bustle of the city.

First up,

View of Portsmouth and Portsea Island from Por...
View of Portsmouth &Portsea Island from Portsdown Hill, UK. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It would appear that I've managed to catch the plague from the boys (thanks for that!) so todays usual routine has completely gone to hell, and it's shame because finally we seem to have got back into 'the university routine' (sleeping, eating, lectures & gossiping) although, some people have got into the routine better than the others.

I must admit, it's a tiny bit odd that there is now always people coming and going from our house when before we all sat around in our pyjamas being incredibly lazy - to be fair, we never had anything thing that we had to do....
I'm one of those people that likes to be in the middle of the hustle and bustle of things. There's always something going on in Portsmouth, and you can always order takeaway - even if it is 5 in the morning. I suppose this is somewhat down to the fact that I live in a town where I regularly see people that I grew up with and often followed a tractor along the roads to college. It's safe to say I live in the country, not right out in the fields but I feels close enough.

I love the idea of living in different places in the world. I definitely want to travel and try the different places. Who knows where I'll land up!?

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Sunday, 22 September 2013

5 things about students that just aren't true.

Let's be honest, there is this preconceived ides of what a student is and what they do (Go on, close your eyes and imagine it.) Well let me let you that 90%  is just not true! (admittedly some of it is the half-truth) It's a little like when particular generations say that teenagers and this that and the other. Below are a few that have been said to me over the past year that I strongly disagree with.

Here's the 5 things that just aren't true:

1. Students can't cook - For a lot of students, the first time they have to properly fend for themselves in the big wide world is when they leave home for university. This tends to lead to many different disasters and odd combinations (ready salted crisps and chocolate spread being one!) but also means that there are many triumphs (Curry made from scratch - unfortunately not me! - to a veggie fry up made completely without the use of an over/hob - our gas was disconnected... not a good day - which was massively impressive.) One thing is sure, we can cook, just people often don't. Besides, who wants to cook when a takeaway is just as good?!

English: Everyone take a drink
English: Everyone take a drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Students can hold their drink - I suppose that in theory students can hold their alcohol but from my experience it just isn't true every single time. Fresher's Week makes us believe this and it's all a lie, the hangover is living proof. Followed by...

3. Students drink every night - Personally I'd just say that this is in Fresher's week (I know I go on about it a lot, but it is pure chaos. After that, things seem to settle into its own living routine then everything chills) We do other things than just drink. See here for other nights out we've had that didn't always include alcohol.

4. A Student loan is a lot of money - Since I started university I've been told that I get a lot of money as my student loan. The simple fact is that sadly this isn't true, although I totally get that if other people had the money they'd find their lives slightly easier. Thing is, it's a somewhat miracle if your student loan covers your rent, and food, and everything else, without you getting a job or multiple handouts from Mummy & Daddy. Not ever a cool thing to do.

5.Students sleep all of the time - Ok, so students may struggle to get up for lectures before 10 o'clock (actually make that midday) but this is probably because our sleep/wake routines shift completely and we don't get tired to later... I'm blaming the madness of Fresher's week, combined with the late work for deadlines. We just have our 8 hours of sleep later than the average adult.

Comment below whether you agree/disagree with me! It's great to have another view...
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Friday, 20 September 2013

Kind Gestures and Bacon

Bacon and eggs plate 4
Bacon and eggs plate  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Now we all know that it's the smaller things in life that are there to make life better... a smile from a stranger in the street, a hug when you're down or even a sunny day when the grass has been freshly cut and the birds are singing (well, unless you have hay fever badly like the BF!)

I'm not a morning person so people tend to pretty much steer clear of me before 10 - actually make that midday, when I've at least had the chance for a hot shower, possibly breakfast and have officially woken up..

[Best example of this, is the morning last year when my flatmates thought they were being helpful by getting me out of bed... It probably would have been, had they not got me up two hours early, despite colourful protesting when they then dumped me in the shower. Safe to say I was not impressed!]

It takes a brave person to come and even knock on my door, so when there was a faint knocking this morning I was suitably impressed that someone dared... Door swings open and there is FFM with the offer of bacon and eggs for breakfast. (We can all tell why he's the FFM!) So with the fire alarm cheering him on (or anyone else in the kitchen..) I've managed to start my day in the best way possible. Thankyou!

The kindest, biggest (FFM doesn't share food...) thing this morning has made my day. Just goes to show, a day is easily made though kind thoughts and gestures. We can make the world a better place!

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Night out - student style.

Although it's been literally 48 hours since the wonder that is the student loan (Probably the largest chunk of money I'll get in one go in my whole life..) already my house are working out budgets; what we want to spend, what we can sensibly afford to spend and what we can go without to be able to spend more. And this generally means that our nights out (not including Fresher's - obviously - Read about that here!) tend to suffer as we're slightly poor...

So I figured that I'd compile a list of our slightly cheaper nights out, because the cheaper they are, the more we can afford to do...

1. Concerts in Nightclub venues - Being at university we're often offered great events for cheaper than the usual cost. Therefore we get good music at a good price, which is a good night out. We've been lucky to go see Professor Green in a club night and he was brilliant! (There he is somewhere over there >>)

2. Orange Wednesday - Orange Wednesday codes are literally the saviour of student nights out. Down here Wednesday nights are packed and can get fairly expensive (although, if you fancy a night out, they really good fun!) so a night a the cinema is a great alternative. Pair up, pick a good film and enjoy!

A toddler in a ball pit.
A toddler in a ball pit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We were somewhat like this!
3. Be a child for the night and visit a play park - We're lucky that we have a PlayZone (A huge warehouse full of slides, ball pits and children's soft play.) near to us that does 'adult' nights where they open the play park and then serve alcoholic slushpuppies to those who need to cool down. (Sounds rather a lot like us students drink loads...)

4. Go early - If there is a certain night out that you are desperate to attend, get your name on the guest list (usually there's one floating around on Facebook), get down there before guest list'll be cheaper and if all else fails, chat the promoter up for cheaper entry/cheaper drinks deals/any other freebies that they might be able to throw in - if you don't ask, you definitely won't get!

5. Hold a Movie Night - Fairly self explanatory. Sh*t food, duvets, cuddles and a good movie. Add in extra games of twister/cartwheeling down the hallway at obscene hours and you have a pretty much perfect night in.

6. Concerts anywhere - Although reading this (the last concert I went to...) might slightly put you off...

7. Try Something new - At Christmas, we went ice skating as a fairly large group. It was fun, different and had it not rained would have been pretty much perfect. We did land up in a bar with Happy Hour after but hey, you can't go wrong with 2-4-1 cocktails!

Comment below if you can think of any other cheaper nights out, the more alternative the better!

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fresher's Week!

When out the other night with my housemates it hit me that, it's that potentially very messy time of the year again, Fresher's Week. And for those of you who aren't/haven't ever been to university this is the point in your student life where is it totally acceptable to spend majority of your student loan on alcohol and then drink more than your own body weight. (I say acceptable, it's always thought to be acceptable for a student to drink - it's practically all we're known for - just Fresher's Week is when your peers expect you to 'go hardest'.) Actually saying that with Portsmouth its more like Fresher's Fortnight, double the mess, madness & sick....
^The drink deals that we were
subjected too....

We were spoilt with events and the offer of cheap drinks in our first two weeks of university - almost to the point where I'm not so bothered about going out this year. (I did say almost...)
And the drinks were most definitely cheaper down at University rather than in the Non-university towns and cities (£2 doubles here rather than £5 doubles at home.)

Every night was a different event with a different theme; be it a party, or a different artist or just a themed night. One of the most memorable was the Traffic Light party. (See the designated stickers to the left) Pick the sticker that best applies to you (Single, Unsure or Taken) and then head on out and see whether you can find someone to match you....

The downside of Fresher's Week is the dreaded Fresher's Flu. Those who get it, tend to get, get it bad. And those who don't are damn lucky. Everyone in my flat managed to get Fresher's Flu at some point for various durations. The worse thing is there is very few cures; the best being sleeping all day and going back out that night.

Fresher's Week is the week in your life that you will bond with your new flatmates, (I did, over a drunken incident that we tried to fix with a bag of frozen quorn...) and let you learn life lessons (that last drink was never a good idea). Go forth, and enjoy Fresher's. Fresher.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fate & Chance

Cover of "Sliding Doors"
Cover of Sliding Doors
Every seen the film 'Sliding Doors'? Released in 1998, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah follows the life of one woman and how different her life could be after one inconsequential moment - whether she manages to make the train or whether she misses it. That moment changes everything that her life is, was, and ever will be.

Now I'm a firm believer of fate and chance. The people we meet, the experiences we have are all what we are destined to have - are all our set path... and nothing we can do, will mean that we can change the outcome.

Being this firm believer in fate, when I met my BF and we 'clicked', I figured that our paths had crossed for a reason and that we could get over the - up to 90 miles apart (Clich├ęd, I know - but long distance can work! We both think it must be fate that he's following in his fathers footsteps by even entertaining the thought of dating a girl from several counties away.

I'd like to think that my chosen path will mean that I leave a mark on the world and actually have achieved something that means I'm remembered... Who knows?


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Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday 13th.

Circling Friday the 13th date on calendar with...
 Friday the 13th date on calendar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Walking under ladders, black cats crossing your path and placing shoes on the table. All of which supposedly bring bad luck to those whom it happens too.

For the superstitious mind, Friday 13th is the unluckiest day of the year... And my god, do I seem to have the bad luck...

I always seemed to land up with exams and tests on Friday 13th when I was at school, that or I'd be unwell...

A few days ago, I went to a concert in Birmingham to see Macklemore (see the whole disaster here...)and although my car proceeded to fall apart on the motorway we made it home. Thing is, now its been looked at by my resident mechanic dad and been declared to dangerous to drive and is now off the road... Might have something to do with the fact all the front of the car is hanging on and is only properly secured by half a roll of duct tape. (I'm the kind of girl that attempts to fix things. Even if it does look a mess after.)

Anywho, now I'm on the hunt for a new car, which is bad enough at the best of times but today it just seems so much worse. I'm getting to the point of being slightly sick of reg plates, engine size and how many miles the car has travelled. All I want is a set of wheels to actually get me from A-to-B. And what's worse is a new car costs money. (Which I don't have a lot of being a student...)

Friday the 13th. Not unlucky for some. But particularly unlucky for me.

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Thursday, 12 September 2013


English: Macklemore performing at The Showbox ...
 Macklemore performing at The Showbox in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm a fan of adventures. The more impromptu and mad the better! To me, nothing is more fun than jumping in a care with friends/family on a free day and seeing where we land up and you'd be surprised at the different thing that this means I've experienced.

So when one of my flatmates suggested we book tickets in advance for a Macklemore concert.I jumped at the chance. What's better than a night out that wouldn't cost me more than a night out clubbing and made a chance to the usual stuff I get up too... It would be great fun, a roadtrip with a huge group of friends and great music.

The day started so well (Well for me anyway, I had great fun waking up the flatmates by jumping on their beds - a tiny bit like a kid at Christmas...) with proper bacon sandwiches for breakfast until we began to run late from our my predestined schedule (I was trying to be organised!)

 Things went mad when Macklemore eventually made it on stage, cue screaming girls, shoving from all directions, streamers falling from the sky and a very emotional rendition of 'Same Love'. It. Was. Amazing.

Back to the car for the trek back to bed.... Finally hit the motorway after struggling to get out of the city when my car made a horribly familiar scraping noise... The drip tray had managed to get dislodged and was scraping the motorway at 70 mph.

Thankgod - every cloud has a silver lining - that it had happened a month before and I hadn't been organised (me being organised is definitely work in progress....) enough to take the repair wire out of the car. So in the pouring rain, miles from home, I helped rewire the drip tray back onto the car, along with pretty much a whole roll of duct tape (looks a like my car has silver teeth now...) the car was patched up. Just enough to get us home.

My car crawled home along the coast, desperately trying to hold itself together while battling the elements. And when we did finally get home, I was so exhausted that I pretty much fell straight asleep.

As much as Macklemore was amazing and the memories were great. I think I'll avoid the adventures for a while, and if I do, then  I'll put a hell of a lot more planning in!
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Monday, 9 September 2013

Blink and you miss it - it's the great british summer!

English: Scarlett Point in July 2009 From the ...
English: Scarlett Point in July 2009 Supposedly its summer! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So that it ladies and gentlemen, summers officially over. Gone are the days of warm summer breezes, BBQ's that go on late into the night and not having to worry about remembering a coat. And although its only been gone a few days, I miss the heat and the sunshine an unbelievable amount. (I'm most definitely happiest when it's warm enough to sit on a sunbed with a decent book and a cocktail in one hand.)
It's time to dig deep to the back of the wardrobe and find all the 'sensible clothes' that will keep you warm and protect you from everything that the great British weather has to offer.... wonderful.

I returned home to Bateson (I don't even go there anymore!) Portsmouth and after literally the worst drive in the world - it helps to be able to see the road.... and found the back patio totally flooded. And by flooded, I mean that I literally had to paddle to the front door. My shoes - soaked. My socks - soaked. This is why I hate the change of seasons. Stick with me sunshine!

The worst part of all of this is its going to get worse and then stick with us for the foreseeable future... at least until Christmas. (I confess, I'm like a child when it comes to Christmas... presents, food and family - what could be better?!) I just hope that this winter is done quicker than previous ones!

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Friday, 6 September 2013

The morning after the night before....

Club nights in Portsmouth.
7:00. silence in the university house.
7:30. 2nd year student wakes up and heads downstairs to get a drink to ease the pounding headache that feels like its getting worse. Walks into the kitchen and surveys the carnage that is the state of the kitchen.8:00. Back to bed with two painkillers to attempt to stem the hangover.
10:30. Movement from the other rooms and everyone gathers in one room to discuss what went on and to fill in the gaps in the memories.
11:00. return to bed to nurse an 'emotional hangover' alongside the standard hangover. (How that happened, student will never know...only drank one a few...)

Emotional Hangover - when you are plagued with embarrassment over your behaviour from the night before, best course of recovery includes hiding in bed, and sleeping it off.

Unfortunately this is the general plan for a morning after a night out with everyone. (Things tend to get a little hectic when there is 11 of you living together and then friends and other people who we know all going out together.) One day I will work out a better hangover cure then sleep and Dominos Pizza. (Which at the moment works, its just so d*mn expensive!)

The morning after the night before at my place are always mad. Think 'The Hangover' and then make it worse...

People have fallen asleep in suitcases of dirty washing (uncomfortable, I know...), the whole flat waking up in one bed together, people cuddling various food items (my personal favourite is a friend who woke up cuddling a kebab with no recollection of how it got there or why they must have bought it - they don't even like kebabs!) or better still, a stranger passed out in the flat hallway.....

Nights round here are pure madness.

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

'I can't wait for the day when...'

Aspiration by Rowan Gillespie
Aspiration by Rowan Gillespie (Photo credit: jaqian)

As with most days in the university house, we discuss life, the universe and everything else. No topic is too normal, too crude, or too 'out there'. In fact, the weirder the better.
Today we were talking and my BF said 'I can't wait for the day when...' he was drowned out my various other comments from the rest of the group.

But this got me thinking.

At 19, I'm not old by any stretch of the imagination, nor am I particularly middle-aged (even though I feel like it from time-to-time.) and I have my whole life in front of me. I could be anything, land up anywhere and be with anyone in 20 years time (Although I know what I want right now... stick with me fate!)

As a kid, I wanted to be prime minister. I had this notion that I could take over the world make the world a better place... But as time passed, I grew out of that one. And onto being an airhostess. Who can't rock the look the airhostesses have!?

Now. All I dream is for a life without worry, a job that sustains me, life with love, hell throw in the house with the little picket fence, 2.2 kids and the family pet. I no longer dream the impossible. But I cant wait for the day when this all becomes a reality.
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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Room 101.

Room 101 a
Room 101  (Photo credit: gusset)
After reading a blog from a fellow blogger about Room 101 and the things that they'd banish, I figured that I'd share my list.

We all have things in life that we mildly dislike/don't see the point of actually existing/particularly hate and these things should be firmly locked into this room, never to see the light of day ever again. Below is my list of things that should safely be consigned to the hell that is the Room 101.

1. Moths - Let's be honest, they are one of the most pointless species that exist in the world. Butterflies - very cute, very pretty and hey, they help pollinate the flowers, making them way more useful than their night time counterpart.

2. Bad Directions - If I'm lost and need directions, giving me bad directions really really really doesn't help. I'd much rather you didn't tell me, just admit you don't know rather than send me on a wild-goose chase. 

3. The 'Candy-crush' Game - So many people I know seem to be hooked on the game that's sweeping the nation. My parents, siblings, cousins and many other friends of the family will not put the game down... For a fairly simple game, its incredibly addictive and I'm sure that its ruining conversations and family time up and down the country.

4. Distance - It's so so hard being miles away from things that you need in life. Seriously, the government need to sort out a way of making the distance easier; a teleport, time machine or just free taxi service would be wonderful. Until then though, goodbye distance....

5. Bad Manners - With the risk of sounding like my nan, manners cost nothing. There is no need to be rude. Please and thank you cost nothing and you never know, you could make someone's day a little.

I'm sure everyone has a list of things that they'd put in the Room 101. Anyone who has any particularly weird or wonderful ideas for what they'd banish, comment below.
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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day 1 in the University house.

My brand-spanking-new bedroom.
First day in the new house - done!!

House rules - set! (Smoking outside, Toilet seat left down, Lights need to be turned off, etc etc.)

To some people this doesn't sound like such a huge achievement but this is the next big step, before I know it I'll be middle-aged, married with kids and a mortgage (scary stuff!)

I know that last year I didn't live at home with my parents and was fairly self sufficient (not including the weekends when I went home to work and managed to get all my washing done.) but there was always university staff on site, from security who dealt with the great flood to the maintenance men who fixed everything that we managed to break - and there was a lot... (A huge thank you for putting up with us and our noise!) This year is completely different.

The biggest thing is we have to sort our own bills out. Which I'm sure we'll manage to do, it just gets a little confusing when you have two water bills, a gas bill and an electric bill plus rent that needs to be sorted and split between then six in this house... Plus that's something that we've never had to do before.

Let the second-year adventures begin!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Entering the magical World of Harry Potter.

Picture 1 of the many hundred Little Sister
 took while around the tour.

Today was a beautifully glorious summers day, the sort of day that the country should be travelled and memories made.

As a belated birthday day out for Little Sister, we surprised her with a trip to the Warner Bros Studio for the Making of Harry Potter... and by surprised, we managed to get her into the car, picnic lunch and her camera packed (even though it ran out of batteries!) and half way to the attraction before she even realised we weren't going to a shopping centre like planned. (Think it was the abundance of traffic and distinct lack of shops that gave us away...)

It's been quite some time since we managed a trip out like this seeing as there is now all the complications such as work, and various levels of education with slightly different holidays..

By no stretch of the imagination am I a die-hard HP fan. I'm really not. They were just a fairly big part of my childhood... (Read all the books and saw all of the films when they were released.) But I really really enjoyed myself, totally found myself getting into the behind-the-scene type
things where the magic is explained - somehow this makes me want to go back and watch all the films again now... The tickets were totally worth the money, even though they were fairly expensive. But hey, most places are now for a group of four to go out for the day.

When I'd decided that I needed a break from aimlessly wandering between sets studying each set (The films don't show anywhere near as much detail as there actually is. Amazing!) I tried ButterBeer, a drink that the wizards favour - I'm not a nerd, honest! - and I'm not a fan, give me cloudy lemonade any other day! The back to the sets for more wandering.

I have this feeling this visit is one of those places I'm going to go on about for a while. And I'm really not sorry. If you ever get the chance, go! You won't regret it, even if you're not a huge fan.

I was not paid to write this post. I bought my own tickets. Views are entirely my own.

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