Sunday, 22 September 2013

5 things about students that just aren't true.

Let's be honest, there is this preconceived ides of what a student is and what they do (Go on, close your eyes and imagine it.) Well let me let you that 90%  is just not true! (admittedly some of it is the half-truth) It's a little like when particular generations say that teenagers and this that and the other. Below are a few that have been said to me over the past year that I strongly disagree with.

Here's the 5 things that just aren't true:

1. Students can't cook - For a lot of students, the first time they have to properly fend for themselves in the big wide world is when they leave home for university. This tends to lead to many different disasters and odd combinations (ready salted crisps and chocolate spread being one!) but also means that there are many triumphs (Curry made from scratch - unfortunately not me! - to a veggie fry up made completely without the use of an over/hob - our gas was disconnected... not a good day - which was massively impressive.) One thing is sure, we can cook, just people often don't. Besides, who wants to cook when a takeaway is just as good?!

English: Everyone take a drink
English: Everyone take a drink (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. Students can hold their drink - I suppose that in theory students can hold their alcohol but from my experience it just isn't true every single time. Fresher's Week makes us believe this and it's all a lie, the hangover is living proof. Followed by...

3. Students drink every night - Personally I'd just say that this is in Fresher's week (I know I go on about it a lot, but it is pure chaos. After that, things seem to settle into its own living routine then everything chills) We do other things than just drink. See here for other nights out we've had that didn't always include alcohol.

4. A Student loan is a lot of money - Since I started university I've been told that I get a lot of money as my student loan. The simple fact is that sadly this isn't true, although I totally get that if other people had the money they'd find their lives slightly easier. Thing is, it's a somewhat miracle if your student loan covers your rent, and food, and everything else, without you getting a job or multiple handouts from Mummy & Daddy. Not ever a cool thing to do.

5.Students sleep all of the time - Ok, so students may struggle to get up for lectures before 10 o'clock (actually make that midday) but this is probably because our sleep/wake routines shift completely and we don't get tired to later... I'm blaming the madness of Fresher's week, combined with the late work for deadlines. We just have our 8 hours of sleep later than the average adult.

Comment below whether you agree/disagree with me! It's great to have another view...
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