Monday, 9 September 2013

Blink and you miss it - it's the great british summer!

English: Scarlett Point in July 2009 From the ...
English: Scarlett Point in July 2009 Supposedly its summer! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So that it ladies and gentlemen, summers officially over. Gone are the days of warm summer breezes, BBQ's that go on late into the night and not having to worry about remembering a coat. And although its only been gone a few days, I miss the heat and the sunshine an unbelievable amount. (I'm most definitely happiest when it's warm enough to sit on a sunbed with a decent book and a cocktail in one hand.)
It's time to dig deep to the back of the wardrobe and find all the 'sensible clothes' that will keep you warm and protect you from everything that the great British weather has to offer.... wonderful.

I returned home to Bateson (I don't even go there anymore!) Portsmouth and after literally the worst drive in the world - it helps to be able to see the road.... and found the back patio totally flooded. And by flooded, I mean that I literally had to paddle to the front door. My shoes - soaked. My socks - soaked. This is why I hate the change of seasons. Stick with me sunshine!

The worst part of all of this is its going to get worse and then stick with us for the foreseeable future... at least until Christmas. (I confess, I'm like a child when it comes to Christmas... presents, food and family - what could be better?!) I just hope that this winter is done quicker than previous ones!

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