Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Closing the final curtain.

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So this blog is something a little different, it's less about university and more about life as a whole. I'm a firm believer that you have to stand up for what you believe in, even if there is tough opposition from others.

Assisted Suicide and Suicide is something that is regularly reported about through the various media channels. It's something that divides people, some believe that people suffering from conditions such as MS and terminal cancer should have the control to end their life with the dignity that they deserve.

I've always been a firm believer of assisted suicide, but I understand the flip side, and see the reasons why some people are so against the idea of giving people this way out. But every now and then there is a report in the media which just confirms my views. And it's not just the media, its in films, TV programmes and books.

Most recently I came across the blog of Frances Medley's poignant blog about taking her life. (You can read the blog here) Frances ended her life on the 18th of September - she was adamant it was not suicide. And although it was probably one of the hardest decision for her and those that it affected, I can understand every reason she gave.

Tony Nicklinson suffered from locked-in syndrome and approached the courts so that he could have a doctor help him die. It was all over the news, but the courts decided it was not the right decision. (Read the article here) He, with the support of his family, refuse food and subsequently died. Another example that for me, should have been helped to die as it was his wish and he was living a life that he was never going to get better from and the standard would never improve.

Many big names support euthanasia; the author Terry Pratchett, Star Trek actor Sir Patrick Stewart & Steven Hawking to name a few but this is yet to be backed by the British Courts of Law. As it stands, if you assist in any way, you can face prosecution - voluntary euthanasia is murder - something I completely disagree with.

Life is something that should be value and cherished but when a person knows that they are dying and wants the control in their final moments, I believe that they should be given just that. As one last mark of respect.

 Please share your views below.

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