Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Day 1 in the University house.

My brand-spanking-new bedroom.
First day in the new house - done!!

House rules - set! (Smoking outside, Toilet seat left down, Lights need to be turned off, etc etc.)

To some people this doesn't sound like such a huge achievement but this is the next big step, before I know it I'll be middle-aged, married with kids and a mortgage (scary stuff!)

I know that last year I didn't live at home with my parents and was fairly self sufficient (not including the weekends when I went home to work and managed to get all my washing done.) but there was always university staff on site, from security who dealt with the great flood to the maintenance men who fixed everything that we managed to break - and there was a lot... (A huge thank you for putting up with us and our noise!) This year is completely different.

The biggest thing is we have to sort our own bills out. Which I'm sure we'll manage to do, it just gets a little confusing when you have two water bills, a gas bill and an electric bill plus rent that needs to be sorted and split between then six in this house... Plus that's something that we've never had to do before.

Let the second-year adventures begin!

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