Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fresher's Week!

When out the other night with my housemates it hit me that, it's that potentially very messy time of the year again, Fresher's Week. And for those of you who aren't/haven't ever been to university this is the point in your student life where is it totally acceptable to spend majority of your student loan on alcohol and then drink more than your own body weight. (I say acceptable, it's always thought to be acceptable for a student to drink - it's practically all we're known for - just Fresher's Week is when your peers expect you to 'go hardest'.) Actually saying that with Portsmouth its more like Fresher's Fortnight, double the mess, madness & sick....
^The drink deals that we were
subjected too....

We were spoilt with events and the offer of cheap drinks in our first two weeks of university - almost to the point where I'm not so bothered about going out this year. (I did say almost...)
And the drinks were most definitely cheaper down at University rather than in the Non-university towns and cities (£2 doubles here rather than £5 doubles at home.)

Every night was a different event with a different theme; be it a party, or a different artist or just a themed night. One of the most memorable was the Traffic Light party. (See the designated stickers to the left) Pick the sticker that best applies to you (Single, Unsure or Taken) and then head on out and see whether you can find someone to match you....

The downside of Fresher's Week is the dreaded Fresher's Flu. Those who get it, tend to get, get it bad. And those who don't are damn lucky. Everyone in my flat managed to get Fresher's Flu at some point for various durations. The worse thing is there is very few cures; the best being sleeping all day and going back out that night.

Fresher's Week is the week in your life that you will bond with your new flatmates, (I did, over a drunken incident that we tried to fix with a bag of frozen quorn...) and let you learn life lessons (that last drink was never a good idea). Go forth, and enjoy Fresher's. Fresher.

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