Monday, 30 September 2013

It's the most wonderful time of the year....

Me in the Christmas Spirit!
Well that's another weekend down, onto the main part of the week (insert sentiments of joy/despair here....)  It's only 85 days until Christmas (See the exact countdown here), the most magical day of the year, especially if you're younger than me, and still expect Father Christmas to leave you presents in a stocking for you to open on Christmas Morning.. (Unfortunately, I seem to be getting a little past this point...) But seriously. 85 days. Just over 12 weeks. That's three more pay checks - if you're lucky!! That'll be gone before you know it.

Now, although I'm one of those people who thinks that the big stores start selling Christmassy type stuff far far far too early, (When the kids go back to school, I do not want to even contemplate celebrating Christmas, I just want to get back into the 'university routine') and that it comes around way to quick, I do love getting into the Christmas spirit.

I've always loved Christmas. Love the atmosphere, love the food (who wouldn't!) and rather impressively I love work at Christmas than any other time of the year.

We're very lucky to have a Christmas Wonderland where you get to meet Santa himself and his reindeers and to watch the excitement on the younger children's
face and hear how their visit went to me is one of the best part of Christmas. I may be slightly to old, but  I always make sure I go in and have a chat with Santa - just like I still put out a carrot and glass of milk. (Sad, I know)

Not long now. Must start planning presents/cards/decorations!
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