Friday, 20 September 2013

Kind Gestures and Bacon

Bacon and eggs plate 4
Bacon and eggs plate  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Now we all know that it's the smaller things in life that are there to make life better... a smile from a stranger in the street, a hug when you're down or even a sunny day when the grass has been freshly cut and the birds are singing (well, unless you have hay fever badly like the BF!)

I'm not a morning person so people tend to pretty much steer clear of me before 10 - actually make that midday, when I've at least had the chance for a hot shower, possibly breakfast and have officially woken up..

[Best example of this, is the morning last year when my flatmates thought they were being helpful by getting me out of bed... It probably would have been, had they not got me up two hours early, despite colourful protesting when they then dumped me in the shower. Safe to say I was not impressed!]

It takes a brave person to come and even knock on my door, so when there was a faint knocking this morning I was suitably impressed that someone dared... Door swings open and there is FFM with the offer of bacon and eggs for breakfast. (We can all tell why he's the FFM!) So with the fire alarm cheering him on (or anyone else in the kitchen..) I've managed to start my day in the best way possible. Thankyou!

The kindest, biggest (FFM doesn't share food...) thing this morning has made my day. Just goes to show, a day is easily made though kind thoughts and gestures. We can make the world a better place!

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