Thursday, 19 September 2013

Night out - student style.

Although it's been literally 48 hours since the wonder that is the student loan (Probably the largest chunk of money I'll get in one go in my whole life..) already my house are working out budgets; what we want to spend, what we can sensibly afford to spend and what we can go without to be able to spend more. And this generally means that our nights out (not including Fresher's - obviously - Read about that here!) tend to suffer as we're slightly poor...

So I figured that I'd compile a list of our slightly cheaper nights out, because the cheaper they are, the more we can afford to do...

1. Concerts in Nightclub venues - Being at university we're often offered great events for cheaper than the usual cost. Therefore we get good music at a good price, which is a good night out. We've been lucky to go see Professor Green in a club night and he was brilliant! (There he is somewhere over there >>)

2. Orange Wednesday - Orange Wednesday codes are literally the saviour of student nights out. Down here Wednesday nights are packed and can get fairly expensive (although, if you fancy a night out, they really good fun!) so a night a the cinema is a great alternative. Pair up, pick a good film and enjoy!

A toddler in a ball pit.
A toddler in a ball pit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) We were somewhat like this!
3. Be a child for the night and visit a play park - We're lucky that we have a PlayZone (A huge warehouse full of slides, ball pits and children's soft play.) near to us that does 'adult' nights where they open the play park and then serve alcoholic slushpuppies to those who need to cool down. (Sounds rather a lot like us students drink loads...)

4. Go early - If there is a certain night out that you are desperate to attend, get your name on the guest list (usually there's one floating around on Facebook), get down there before guest list'll be cheaper and if all else fails, chat the promoter up for cheaper entry/cheaper drinks deals/any other freebies that they might be able to throw in - if you don't ask, you definitely won't get!

5. Hold a Movie Night - Fairly self explanatory. Sh*t food, duvets, cuddles and a good movie. Add in extra games of twister/cartwheeling down the hallway at obscene hours and you have a pretty much perfect night in.

6. Concerts anywhere - Although reading this (the last concert I went to...) might slightly put you off...

7. Try Something new - At Christmas, we went ice skating as a fairly large group. It was fun, different and had it not rained would have been pretty much perfect. We did land up in a bar with Happy Hour after but hey, you can't go wrong with 2-4-1 cocktails!

Comment below if you can think of any other cheaper nights out, the more alternative the better!

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  1. Ohh my!! I want to go to an adult soft play!! lol

  2. some super ideas here and not just for students too :-)

    Thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo