Thursday, 12 September 2013


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 Macklemore performing at The Showbox in Seattle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I'm a fan of adventures. The more impromptu and mad the better! To me, nothing is more fun than jumping in a care with friends/family on a free day and seeing where we land up and you'd be surprised at the different thing that this means I've experienced.

So when one of my flatmates suggested we book tickets in advance for a Macklemore concert.I jumped at the chance. What's better than a night out that wouldn't cost me more than a night out clubbing and made a chance to the usual stuff I get up too... It would be great fun, a roadtrip with a huge group of friends and great music.

The day started so well (Well for me anyway, I had great fun waking up the flatmates by jumping on their beds - a tiny bit like a kid at Christmas...) with proper bacon sandwiches for breakfast until we began to run late from our my predestined schedule (I was trying to be organised!)

 Things went mad when Macklemore eventually made it on stage, cue screaming girls, shoving from all directions, streamers falling from the sky and a very emotional rendition of 'Same Love'. It. Was. Amazing.

Back to the car for the trek back to bed.... Finally hit the motorway after struggling to get out of the city when my car made a horribly familiar scraping noise... The drip tray had managed to get dislodged and was scraping the motorway at 70 mph.

Thankgod - every cloud has a silver lining - that it had happened a month before and I hadn't been organised (me being organised is definitely work in progress....) enough to take the repair wire out of the car. So in the pouring rain, miles from home, I helped rewire the drip tray back onto the car, along with pretty much a whole roll of duct tape (looks a like my car has silver teeth now...) the car was patched up. Just enough to get us home.

My car crawled home along the coast, desperately trying to hold itself together while battling the elements. And when we did finally get home, I was so exhausted that I pretty much fell straight asleep.

As much as Macklemore was amazing and the memories were great. I think I'll avoid the adventures for a while, and if I do, then  I'll put a hell of a lot more planning in!
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  1. Thank you so much for your comment on my Post Comment Love page. You will be a very welcome newcomer to the link which goes up tomorrow. Sounds like you had a real adventure here - I bet Macklemore was fab - doesn't sound like your car was though! If you are on Twitter then tweet me - @vicwelton - and introduce yourself and I'll tweet you the link tomorrow :) x

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time! Shame about the journey back :) x

  3. Thankyou both for the comments! It was honestly such a great time - just cost me more than I expected now that the car needs sorting! :p xx

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