Friday, 6 September 2013

The morning after the night before....

Club nights in Portsmouth.
7:00. silence in the university house.
7:30. 2nd year student wakes up and heads downstairs to get a drink to ease the pounding headache that feels like its getting worse. Walks into the kitchen and surveys the carnage that is the state of the kitchen.8:00. Back to bed with two painkillers to attempt to stem the hangover.
10:30. Movement from the other rooms and everyone gathers in one room to discuss what went on and to fill in the gaps in the memories.
11:00. return to bed to nurse an 'emotional hangover' alongside the standard hangover. (How that happened, student will never know...only drank one a few...)

Emotional Hangover - when you are plagued with embarrassment over your behaviour from the night before, best course of recovery includes hiding in bed, and sleeping it off.

Unfortunately this is the general plan for a morning after a night out with everyone. (Things tend to get a little hectic when there is 11 of you living together and then friends and other people who we know all going out together.) One day I will work out a better hangover cure then sleep and Dominos Pizza. (Which at the moment works, its just so d*mn expensive!)

The morning after the night before at my place are always mad. Think 'The Hangover' and then make it worse...

People have fallen asleep in suitcases of dirty washing (uncomfortable, I know...), the whole flat waking up in one bed together, people cuddling various food items (my personal favourite is a friend who woke up cuddling a kebab with no recollection of how it got there or why they must have bought it - they don't even like kebabs!) or better still, a stranger passed out in the flat hallway.....

Nights round here are pure madness.

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