Thursday, 10 October 2013

21 - Vegas Baby.

Well, finally I can actually write about all the planning I've done in the last few weeks without the risk of certain people actually reading my blog and coming across what I have been claiming as 'classified information'.

We had our first 21st Birthday with our group of 11 and so to me, it meant big celebrations.

This particular flatmate has always wanted to go to Vegas and being on such tight budgets (I'd love to have shipped the lot of them away for the weekend in SinCity) I figured we'd do the next best thing and bring Vegas to them.... in the form of a house party.

Birthday girl leaves for a dinner at LochFyne - Went for date night with the other half and it was amazing! Read about it here - and the madness begins, blowing up balloons, dressing the room and generally getting ourselves all dressed up. Because of course, Vegas means shirts, ties and cocktails dresses - or at least some variation.

Presents on the table - It's so hard to come up with ideas for 21st birthday presents.... so we landed up choosing 21 little presents and boxing them together. Well the 21, and a ukulele. Which I think could get very old very quickly... - and casino all equipped with chips (see above) all we had to do was wait for the birthday girl to come home. And we waited. And we waited. (Us British, we're good at waiting, that and queuing)

She was greeted at the door by a fellow housemate dressed as a waiter with a glass of fizz (Always important for the Vegas thing!) and voila! the party could begin.

Very good night, all in all. And miraculously this morning I wasn't met by people passed out in the hallway, drink spilt everywhere and a messy kitchen, which is what I figured it'd be...

Birthday Cakes for the Birthday Girl -
The icing on the cake.... ;)

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  1. what a fantastic party i love it!!

  2. What a really brilliant idea :) And such a thoughtful thing to do as well. I bet (excuse the pun!) you had a great time. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  3. What a nice thing to do. popping over from #PoCoLo