Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Can you see me?

Optician's window display
Optician's window display (Photo credit: Marvin (PA))
I've been getting these headaches in the evenings when I've done a fair bit of blogging/working/'social networking'/catching up on TV and so I figured it may be time to visit the optician and see whether or not I needed glasses - I really don't want headaches every time I have a list of things as long as my arm that needs doing!

Thought today would be as good-er (great English there, I know...) day as ever to get it sorted after my lectures. This morning I woke up to hear the rain hammering down at the window and reckoned the walk to the lecture was going to be pretty dire - which incidentally it was. Had the lecture from hell (It wasn't quite that bad but it was far far far too early in the morning...) and then went on to the lovely people at the local opticians who proceeded to give me an appointment for a few hours late.

Cue a lovely lunch out and a good excuse to at least window shop - It actually became me hunting for one of the travel bowls for cereal (If you know what I mean and where definitely does them, I'd be grateful for the direction....), me and the BF pratting about in Wilkinson's, much to the un-amusement of the staff and the BF's long suffering mother (It was all his fault FMIL!) and me trying to work out Christmas presents for 'the kids'. Which an old lady overheard and proceeded to tell me I'd probably get everything for my kids and spoil them. I don't even have kids!

Optician appointment comes and I sit down with the BF to fill in my details with the glasses-man.

"Are you a Mrs..?" Insert me giving him a look "..or a Miss?"

Apparently I now look like I'm married with kids. I'm a 19 year old student! To be fair the guy did look all embarrassed when we set him straight, but still...

All in all, I've been told I don't need the glasses - thank god, I can't afford them! - I just need to a. do less work on the computer. or b. take more breaks from reading off a screen. (Win/Win either way if you ask me!
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