Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Ghosts & Ghouls.

It's that time of year once again, Halloween u...
Halloween ushers in the best holiday of the Holiday season! Taken at La Mesa Oktoberfest in 2007 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
What with Halloween coming up, ghost & ghouls, witches & wizards and other such scaring beings seem to be everywhere, and quite sadly, along with everyone else I know I'll land up buying into it too....

Me and the flatmates already seem to have our Halloween night plan sorted - most impressively, that the main event isn't going to be alcohol - a night in with cr*ppy Halloween style food and tons of horrific horror movies - any suggestions? But the most important we are definitely carving a family of pumpkins. (Hopefully no one manages to slice themselves because I don't want to be visiting the minor injury unit. Again.)

In all honesty, we're all a tiny bit too broke (most of us anyway - the odd one seems to be able to afford to go out 5 times this week!)  to be able to afford the ticket for the big night out, as well as the costume. AND I had such a good costume planned this year :(

Jack-o-lantern (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But Halloween is definitely the perfect time of the year for ghost stories, folk lore and urban legends (which incidently isn't a bad film...) and my flatmates definitely love their chance to scare each other silly...

More often than not, once they get started, they scare each other silly and make it impossible to stop. This was only made worse by the fact we were convinced that our halls last year were haunted. There was unexplainable noises as well as shadows that appeared to move. Not cool when you were alone in the flat.

And we don't let this change a thing. We just carry on scaring each other. and I know that Thursday night will be no different....

In slightly not connected news, see my take on students & technology just here!

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