Monday, 7 October 2013

Living life with a difference

I'm no stranger to having to adapt life to live with various conditions, (Some people call them disabilities but that's just so negative and some people are already negative enough without having to make things worse...) various people I love and cherish have different things that the medical people would call wrong.

One of these people with the biggest impact on my life is my LittleSister (she's not as little as that makes it sound, there's only just over 2 years between us) She suffers - again, suffers in the loosest sense of the word - from coeliac disease, a condition that means that foods containing wheat/gluten cause an immune reaction which can cause damage to the lining of the small intestine. (Read more about it from the professionals here - they know more about the technical bit than me...) So for her, bread, cake and pasta are definitely off the menu, along with some sauces, chocolates (That's the bit I'd struggle with) and most takeaways.

For mum this often meant cooking one and a half dinners a night. An example? Gluten free spaghetti Bolognese (the meat and the saucy bit), gluten free spaghetti and then general spaghetti. Either way, LittleSister was never left out. Any cooking we did as kids, and even now in my case (Check out my baking by clicking here) was the same as any other kids, just altered to use gluten free flour. For the ultimate sponge cake just add half a teaspoon of baking powder to the recipe and Voila!

Thing is, I've never ever let this life-altering 'problem' affect her. She always does what she wants, has all the confidence in the world - annoying so, especially when I don't have anywhere near as much! - and lives a normal life. Her trick is to take each day as it comes and try any new product that she can actually have. This means that she's managed to find gluten-free fresh bread from the supermarket (a miracle in itself, especially as its practically the same as our bread.), takeaway courtesy of Dominos Pizza and has even been to Venice for a short break and eaten Italian pasta (something, I admit, I never thought she'd be able to do!)

The worse thing is, England doesn't seem to be the best place for a variety of gluten free foods. This year in Spain we had a major break though with fastfood and coeliac. We managed to find a McDonalds that sold Gluten-free BigMac Meals, complete with gluten free roll and wedges. Something we never thought would be possible. (Looked fairly good too - see below...)

It always seems to me that the people who moan the most about life, have the least to moan about in comparison. Just remember some people have it way worse out there....

Mad Mum of 7 - Living It Large

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  1. It's hard to find gluten free food in supermarkets. Come on Mcdonalds you need to make gluten free rolls available in the UK!

  2. You think if McDonalds did Gluten free food in other countries they'd do it here too!!

  3. The supermarkets are pretty much the best place, and they are getting better, they're jut still awful!

    Yeah, you'd have thought so.... but apparently not.

    Thanks for reading :)

  4. That's amazing about the Mcdonalds gluten free meals. Why on earth do they not sell them here? Even if in just bigger towns? I feel a campaign coming on....