Tuesday, 29 October 2013


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I'm one of those people who likes to pretend I'm organised - The truth is, I'm organised for a week or so, then I let it slide... (but lets not tell the BF that.... I tell him I'm always organised with my deadlines and diary!)  so when it was pointed out that we were supposed to have begun applying for our placements next year (Or as the University like to call it, 'The year in Industry', making it sound so much posh-er) I had one thought...

Placements. Sh*t.

Placement Deadlines Rapidly Approaching. Double Sh*t.

I've never missed a deadline for assignments since being at university because to be honest, I refuse to be docked marks due to being late. And if I have to work through the night to get it done, then I will. (Besides, this normally means that I have a McDonalds breakfast when it opens as motivation!)

I know I need to get organised, but in all honesty I'm not sure quite what position I want to have, or where I want to be in 30 years (except for a good career, being married to the man of my dreams & potentially with kids) and that's what makes applying most difficult.

Business & Finance placements all have a lot of competition, and so it will take work to get where I want to be.I'd love to work in an international known company but I distinctly lack contacts to get into these bigger companies and I know that this is one of my biggest weaknesses. But I am determined not to let this defeat me.

University is my springboard into the business world. And with the amount I am paying means I will use it as much as I can to achieve my goals.
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  1. Have confidence and I'm sure you'll get a great placement. Popping over from #pocolo

  2. Good luck in your placements. Maybe the careers office has some contacts you can talk or meet with to get a better idea of your direction.

  3. I have every confidence you will get placed Kat. My OH has some contacts if you get really stuck. For a moment there I thought you were off to Calcutta! :) Lovely to see you. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  4. Good luck. I just found your blog, but I want to say that though it is true that connections help, they are not the only thing there is. Work hard, study hard, get great marks, and start your way up. Determination and hard work are as valuable as much (more to be honest) than connection.