Friday, 4 October 2013


Well this week has been great.(see some of the adventures here) up until yesterday when everything completely went t*ts up and my back pain started up again...

It's something I've had the misfortune to suffer from time to time for about a year and generally it feels a little like I've been kicked in the back by a giraffe. Repeatedly.  Generally I can cope with it during the day, it's just night time that I struggle with. I'm one of those people who needs a lot sleep.

Fortunately this flare up happened when the BF had the week off so I'm able to take things fairly easy (Thank god. V. grateful for the all the running around he's done in the last day or so) I get looked after morning, noon & night. (Only disadvantage is he spends time telling me about the many conditions and disorders I could possibly have.... not cool.)

Hopefully with a little bit of rest, will sort it, but for now my life is one endless cycle of ice packs, heat packs and painkillers....

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