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@MrAlexWard & Me before a night out...
At university, the most important skill you must have is the ability to balance your time effectively. Getting the right amount of time to schedule your morning nap, and then your afternoon lie down is an important talent to get right.

In all seriousness, the skill of balancing your academic work with life in general still makes the laziness inside of me weep. As you might've gathered, today this is not the Ginger haired writer whom you all usually log onto your variety of devices to read the amorous ramblings. My name is Alex Ward, I just happen to live with Miss Drury. We happen to share the second floor of this lovely house we call home, my room is obviously the best in the house with all the posters of Charles Chaplin and whatnot.

As I write this, Portsmouth as well as the rest of the United Kingdom is about to hit by the biggest storm in a generation. The previous being the famous 'hurricane' of 1987, which was famously denied by BBC weather reporters the day before as a false report and chaos ensued. I asked my father about it, in relation to the reports for this oncoming storm to which I got the reply "I don't know, I slept through it". Story of my life, that. 

University is meant to be a passage into adult life through rigorous studying and academia, however you could argue more time is spent considering what you are going to have for dinner than amount of concentration given in lectures. I however, actually enjoy what I study. I do politics, and I mean that in more ways than one. I do politics here at the University, and as well as in general life. I am a member of the conservative party here, and I help run the Conservative Future branch at Portsmouth Uni as well as helping the LGBT Society. Yes, I admit all this is a lot of extra work on top of my academic nonsense but its all optional. When it comes to essay writing, my inspiration in life sums it up perfectly; 
“An original idea. That can't be too hard. The library must be full of them.” Stephen Fry
to start an essay is possibly the single most painful experience on earth, not even childbirth can compare to the pain a politics student feels when sitting alone at a computer at half 3 in the morning not having a clue on how to start a sodding essay. But, why can't I sit down at reasonable hours in the day and do work? To do it early, get the panic and creative juices flowing at noon is impossible for me. My time is spent deciding what to have for dinner, how many hours I'll have sleep if I fall asleep at that exact moment. 

This blog post today is entirely irrelevant in nature to the nature of this blog, and in all honest the motivation to write this has been somewhat lacking. Another plan with good intentions, completed the night before the deadline. You were all meant to be reading this masterpiece last Monday, but due to an accident at work I was ill in bed after hitting my head at work, to which led to many days with Migraines and a trip to the Minor Injury unit at Fratton with Kat.  (We had such a lovely taxi driver...)

Well, I have hit the wall with this little morsel of wordage. Yes, that is a word. I hope you have enjoyed this guest post by myself, and yes you can request to Kat to never allow me to write on this blog again. Banish me into the Internet wilderness and never to be heard of again, unless you follow me on twitter. In that case, your loss.

Kind Regards,
Alex Ward

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