Friday, 11 October 2013

Student Lock-in

Student loans are the most amount of money that a person of 18/19 will have probably ever received in one chunk in their life (Well I'm assuming so, I certainly was never lucky enough to randomly be handed that sort of money....) and it's safe to say that in the first year, students tend to go a little wild about how they spend it - I'm talking huge speaker systems, games consoles and a whole new wardrobe being some of the ways I've seen them be spent...

I am continually scrimping and saving in any way possible and that's not just because I'm a student. The older I get the more there seems to be paid; rent & bills, food, my car (my pride and joy! Will not have a repeat of what happened to the last one... read about that here), and more generally student-y type stuff, like paper, pens and the occasional drink - which it really is, I'm getting far too middle-aged for the hangover I get when I drink the smallest drink...

Last night, I was in town having a window-shop when we realised it was the Student Lock-in and tons of the big names were selling their stock with huge discounts for anyone registered as a student. Brilliant!

Safe to say I've definitely started my Christmas shopping because of this! Might as well buy it now than wait for a month and have to pay way more.... and we got freebies, even better! I'm now the proud owner of more facemasks than you can shake a stick at and a handmade sea salt bath bomb from lush - which I managed to make all by myself! (That's Sunday night's relaxation after work sorted!) and some discount-y type stuff from Blue Inc.

Have a good weekend Bloggers :)

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