Thursday, 17 October 2013

#TBT - My first night at univeristy.

Well its Throwback Thursday and I figured today we'd go back in time and visit the day that I first moved out of home and into my student house.

It's safe to say I was terrified and was more bothered about leaving that my parents - I'm one of those people that doesn't deal well with change. Besides I guess my parents knew that I'd be back at the weekend for work and that they hadn't quite managed to get to get rid of me just yet. (They still haven't to be fair...)

I packed up the car, complete with every single member of the family that wanted to come say goodbye - that was pretty much everyone unfortunately - and we hit the road... There's me a jumble of nerves - I'm one of those people who gets incredibly nervous when I meet new people...

We arrived and mum and dad basically abandoned me with all my stuff and told me that if I needed them they had an hour response time and that they'd definitely want  cup of coffee.... It was the hour thing that worried me.....

Spent the day mooching about and trying to get my bearings in the new place... slowly I got used to it all. And then I heard my flatmates come home and it took me right back to square one.

They all still laugh that the first time they met me.  I shook so hard that the water slopped out of the mug that I was holding... very very embarrassing.

Looking at back it's laughable but at the time it was horrific.

Now, they can't get me to shut up. I'm loud, annoying and totally run the house with a steel fist...
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