Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The stupid side of Uni.

The combination of drinking, late nights and peer pressure tends to lead to stupid things being done - much to the amusement of everyone in else who just watch on and encourages the stupid-ness. It's the sort of thing that you look back on in the years to come.

Below are the best bits from our year to date....

1. Playing cricket in the hallway - I confess, this was one of those late night escapade, involving a rolling pin as a bat and a rubber egg as the ball. Good game especially when one of the boys got caught between the legs full pelt (insert evil laugh here!). All in all a very very funny night.

2. The falling off fthe podium incident - Now this sounds like something that comes with a night where there was a lot of alcohol, but I can assure you there wasn't that much... Picture the scene. Busy club, large group enter club and spy the podium on the far side of the dancefloor. After a fair amount of dancing/pushing/grooving (delete as appropriate) the group have managed to commandeer the podium.  Girl from group decides that she needs a drink and sits down on the side of the podium for what she hopes is a sparkling dismount and only realises it isn't when her feet hit the floor and slide out from underneath her. She lands up sprawled out. Apparently the floor was further away on one side of the podium. Whoops! Very big bruises like this take forever to disappear.

3.The story of the student that threw up (Weak stomachs, stop reading here...) - Although not everyone I hangout with is gay (who incidentally are fabulousss) the lure of the gaybar is often to much for the poor students as they offer drinks for £1.50. On one particular night, one flatmate (who I won't name but seems rather proud of this story) was putting on her pj's after a heavy night when she 'had the overwhelming urge to be sick'. She found herself faced with two options; option one being sick in her bedroom, option 2 being run partially naked to the toilet and hope she didn't get caught. Deciding that option 2 was the better idea, she shot out of the room, stumbled down the corridor, the tripped over the threshold of the bathroom and hit head on the hard ceramic toilet. Flatmates found her hunched over the toilet, a*se hanging out throwing up her guts. Classy. And the pounding headache the next day reminded her what had happened.

4.Various food fights. - Now that we don't have parents to make sure that we behave all of the time, the best way to solve disputes is by throwing things. The list includes; Chips, pots & pans, plastic utensils, BBQ sauce, shampoo, foot spray, fake tan and condoms full of water. Looking back its a minor miracle that we managed to keep the flat clean enough to pass the health and hygiene checks and not lose our deposit....

And to round us off....

5. Dressing up for nights out - The best nights are generally themed (although we have pretty good night out - read about that here) and when we all get involved this is when the memories are made. Below is a photo of everyone at an 'actionman vs barbie' pub crawl. Such a good night.