Friday, 29 November 2013

Black Friday Bargains.

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It's Black Friday and that can only mean one things. Shopping for assorted things that I quite probably don't need but would much rather have in my life. And be able to justify it because of all the savings that Black Friday has... (See! its worth spending the money because I can justify it!).

I work hard for my money and then tend to scrimp and save all year - although I do have moments of weaknesses, normally involving food or anything sparkly... I do this by following a few simple steps and I have found that they honestly are helpful to stick to, especially at this time of the year....

1. Budget - I decide the most that I am willing to spend on one shopping trip and what I need to achieve with this money. Best case scenario - I manage to buy everything and have money left over. Worse Case scenario - I overspend and don't get everything I need... Then we have a problem....

2. Shop around - Compare prices and shop at the cheapest place, don't be tempted to buy something because its right there in front of you, this will inevitably land up being more expensive than anything!

3.Find deals online - Being incredibly lazy I look for the best deals online and then see whether I can make more savings by getting money off. Especially if the product is expensive.... This theory can eve be used for the food that you will definitely need to refuel after a marathon shopping trip.

4. If you find something you like, wait - This is my primary rule for clothes shopping. If I find something I like, if I can remember it 20 minutes after walking away then it obviously left enough of an impact for it to be worth buying... because there are a lot of clothes that capture my interest and I forget them almost as soon as I walk away.

5.Find a bank account with a high interest rate and try to begin saving money - so that if you overspend as in suggestion one then you always have a little money to fall back on....

Go out, do your shopping and grab yourself a bargain!

Please Note: This post was written as a PR Collaboration.

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