Monday, 25 November 2013


First up a quick apology for the distinct lack of posts last week, it was a pretty hectic week and I got side tracked by other such interesting university-type things.

Mojitos & Sex on the Beach (My absolute favourite!) from LaTasca
Well, I've made it this far into the year. I have 3 weeks left until I break up for Christmas (Thankgod!) which is terrifying and exciting all at the same time. I'm sure the best part of that is there is only 3 more monday mornings and only 3 more 9o'clock lectures (Insert celebrations here!)

I'm not going to lie, I love to celebrate and will find any excuse for a cheeky meal out and/or drinks. (See the cocktails on the left>>)

I'm one of those students that would much rather sit in the pub/bar and drink than club, and would actually pick a meal out over all of the above.

It's safe to say I haven't always loved food quite as much as I do now... but now I'm on a mission to try as many different styles of food and drink before I leave university, hence the needs for celebrations.....

Dessert Platter at La Tasca.

I do try and bring this 'adventurousness' into my cooking too... I rebel and never follow a recipe and tend to guess what would go well together and what wouldn't. (Not going to lie, it all tends to depend on what I have in the fridge and what is going out of date....)

Suggestions for good value places to eat that are worth the time!? I need new places to experience!

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