Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Monday I went to my first blogger event. Ever. (Not going to lie, I was incredible excited - actually excited probably doesn't quite cover it....)

I was invited up to the #GoogleMums event to the incredibly pretty Google HQ near Tottenham Court Road to attend several workshops relating to Google-y type products and services.

#Googlemums was a chance for mums (& dads & me!) to see the new products and learn about how google can positively impact our lives and the best thing for the parents? Kids were invited so that childcare didn't become an issue....

After an incredibly early start on the train with my FMIL (@madmumof7 - the one who got me into this blogging thing...) we headed into London, munching our on-the-go breakfast of Croissants & Pain au chocolat because we're all glamorous like that....

On arrival we were taken to the really pretty room with the white 'not so child friendly' leather sofas which were gorgeous - send them my way when you're done with them? - where we were greeted by the Google Staff and a selection of food and drinks and given the chance to mingle. Hello there to anyone I met! Was amazing to put names to blogs and to actually find more people who are passionate!

The workshops included;

-Creating a work/life balance
-SEO's&Adsense (which I will sit down and properly learn about at some point... I was a little confused to say at the least.)
-Entertainment with google (I will definitely be using Google Hangouts. And the hangout book reading for when a parent is away was actually the sweetest thing!)
-Other google products.

AND we got to play on the Chrome books (Unfortunate thing is the BF really seems to like them...Have a feeling he may land up with one at some point!)

We rounded up our session with Q&A's and then went on our way, marvelling at the Google Offices and being incredibly jealous that people actually get to work there day in day out!

At this point we thought we'd have to go home but instead wandered down to Covent Garden where Christmas has begun (See photo on the left) and did a little Christmas shopping. The hardest present of all - the BF's - is done. Thankf*ck!

All in all, it was an amazing day. I definitely want another day out like that! or a placement at Google!

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