Monday, 11 November 2013

Silence is golden.

Today I have woken up and there's quiet. A deathly silence has overcome the student house (probably something to do with the huge night out they went out I last night.... They'll all surface still slightly drunk, suffering from the horrible 'emotional hangovers')  but the silence is made worse by the fact I'm alone. For the first time in  over a week I'm just sat without having to run round and look after anyone..

You see for the last week, my life has become  endless rounds of remembering painkillers, doctors appointments and even a trip to A&E  in the back of an ambulance. ( and that's after waiting two hours for the first one to turn up... Apparently a usually fit 19 year old male screaming out in pain doesn't merit an immediate dispatch.... If someone could explain that,?)

And it's all because my BF had been here suffering from the worse back spasms imaginable. He can hardly walk, he can't sleep and he can't seem to get comfortable anywhere. He's exhausted. The worse thing isn't the fact that I'm hardly sleeping because of it, (I'm not really sleeping at all to be honest) it's the fact I can't take away even half of the pain to make him more comfortable. All the doctors down here have said they can't do anything so today he's been picked up and taken home to see  his GP, so for the first time in over a week I don't have to think, I don't have to run around and I don't have I are him suffer.

In all honesty, it's too quiet and although I know him going home is the right thing to do, I want him back.

 Come put some noise back in my day! 


  1. Aww it must be so hard missing him. Hopefully the next round of doctors can get him mended and you can see him again soon.

    1. It's far too quiet here now! Need to get him sorted as a priority though :)