Wednesday, 13 November 2013

UPSUCF Employability Seminar.

Some of the Attendees (including a really short me...)
and our Speakers; Frank Froud, Flick Drummond &
Michael Birchmore. 
Last night I was taken out by @mralexward, Vice-chair of Portsmouth University Conservative Future/Much loved housemate/person puts up with all my ranting/twit-on-the-side (We've been mistaken for dating. We're really not.) Not going to lie, I said I'd go and I wasn't 100% sure what I'd let myself in for... And ever the romantic, he took me to the University of Portsmouth Conservative Future Employability Seminar.

I turned up after a rather icky day spent in bed. Alex claims he would have dragged me out kicking and screaming, and I genuinely believe he would have....

Not going to lie, I didn't think that it would:
a. be at all helpful. at all.
b. manage to hold my attention for the hour & a half.
c. manage to re-ignite my passion for placements & future jobs.

Most impressively, it managed to do all three of the things.

It was easily the most helpful and inspiring seminar that I have managed to sit through (and lets be honest, university is full of seminars.....) Frank has experience within his company of helping graduates/ex-servicemen/those struggling to find work, get through the initial stage of applying for jobs and the interview processes. And way 1400 graduates that has helped, he must be doing something right. Michael has 20 years experience being self employed and has a portfolio of his own businesses.

I cannot stress enough how useful I found talking to people with real world experience. We discussed the different stages of the interview process, how to set yourself apart from the other candidates and was given some really useful advice - would share it, but I kind of want to keep myself ahead of anyone else.... that bad?

Thank you to Flick and those who organised the event and Thank you to Frank and Michael for taking the time to talk to us all. It was definitely worth my time.

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