Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas is coming!

I've been counting down to Christmas for weeks, but it finally feels like we're getting somewhat closer!

The Christmas music & grotto have opened up at work, I have a valid excuse to each chocolate every morning which I get up (Thankyou, advent calendar) and the university house is beginning to get decorated. You can see the photo of my landing decoration on the right... You name it we have attempted to have it.... the BF seems to think I've gone a little over board but realistically, we could have been a whole lot worse... (He didn't see how excitable I was when we went shopping for decorations!)

Now that last one is a little bit more special because we're not really here when we get to Christmas... We break up and majority of us are going home for the 3 weeks... back to home cooked dinners, and washing being done for us - I'm hoping anyway! - yet we still decided to begin to celebrate together. Last year we had a pre-Christmas Christmas dinner with all the trimmings... cooked in an oven that didn't really cook, but we managed it and we all ate together like a family. Christmas definitely being the time to spend with families and loved ones.

Somewhere over there is a photo of our 'Christmas tree' - using the word tree in the loosest sense of the word there..... Its sitting pride of place in our kitchen and we're all rather fond of it - after all how often does it look like this!?

Can you tell we're all waiting on the next student loans...?  ;)

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