Tuesday, 17 December 2013


Traffic is always one of those thing that has the ability to instantly drive me up the wall - that and bring out my somewhat severe case of road rage...  Honestly, it's practically a medical condition, and it's not my fault that other people can't drive!

Yesterday was the day I was looking for for a while,  I was driving up to see the BF and stay with him for a few days before Christmas seeing as I've broken up for my Christmas holidays (yey!) I figured that I could even fit in a quick lunch with a flatmate from back at university... Why not visit everybody while you can?!

Except things are never that easy... Recently I've been having a few 'issues' with my car... As in my car seems to have taken on the persona of Herbie and will only idle when he feels like it. Brilliant! This made me starting my journey a little bit of a worry but for some unknown reason, Herbie started just fine and we set off for what I thought would be an easy drive...


Driving takes me on the road from hell - the m25 - where I crawled all the way around. Not at all fun in any way, shape, or form... Then coupled with a car the has spun out into some trees made  me realise that driving is dangerous. I know it sounds stupid.but I don't think young driving squire realise how dangerous it really is....

My  hour journey  took me two. But the safe driving meant that even if I was late, I was alive.

We need to make sure that people realise. Thinking driving, stay safe.

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