Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Extended Family.

A selection of photos me and my flatmates...
We are one big family.

I'm sat here late night watching the people I now know as my extended family, cook, bicker and laugh - there is even a little bit of dancing.

It's scary to think that we've only known each other a year and a bit yet we all live like a family... Don't get me wrong my flatmates drive me up the wall at times (I struggle with a really really messy kitchen....) but then I suppose its as short lived as any minor arguments that any other blood related family.

I know that my time so far at university would not have been any where near as amazing if I had not had this mad bunch of 11 around me.

Thankyou guys!
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  1. What a lovely blog post. I remember fondly the many fights I had with my extended university family. They drove me up the wall, but yet 6 years later we are still all the best of friends :D

  2. I genuinely hope that we are all as close when we leave university, even though the group splits when half of us go on placement next year. Thankyou for your comment :) xx