Thursday, 5 December 2013

Food for Thought.

Before you read any further, I feel I should confess something. This is yet another blog post about food. I'm not obsessed about food in any way shape or form, I swear....

Today we were discussing the most important meal of the day. Dinner seemed to be the general consensus, but I figured something different.... Breakfast is.

I'm like most students and I know that when I don't have breakfast very often don't have breakfast if I have an early start - I genuinely don't have time... - but it seriously to me is the most important meal. It basically sets you up for the whole entire day and helps maintain a regular metabolism... **Insert the rest of that spiel here**

Seriously though, who can turn down a breakfast like this? Sausage, bacon and eggs with toast. Perfect (minus the eggs for me. They really tend to freak me out.)

 I am forever trying to remind everyone that breakfast does exist and that their day will go so much better if they start the day with their body fuel.

It doesn't even have to be a full fry up. A piece of toast or a yoghurt is a good start. or even green eggs and ham if your feeling really adventurous*.

I don't debate that dinner is important. As is lunch. And a healthy amount of chocolate and other such baddies. But do the right thing, set yourself up for the day.

*I'll share this recipe at some point for all you DR Seuss fans. :)
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