Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Me and my BF making memories in the freezing
cold after yet another of my mad ideas!
Memories are the things that are most valuable in life - to me anyway. You could give me all the material things but they just don't compare with the making of memories that you can look back on...

I have lots of great things that I'm lucky to have done (Read some of them; here, here and here!) and all I aim to achieve in my life is the chance to go out and do more. I want to experience as much as possible and achieve everything that I can possibly can.

I'm lucky that I have a group of people around me that support and will help me do this! Just means that all of you who actually read my ramblings will have to put up with a dedicated blog about any adventures in the meantime!

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  1. Segway, skating and city! I see a pattern here :) Enjoy the Christmas break lovely lady. I will get back to your email over the next week and in the meantime thank you for being a part of PoCoLo this year :) x