Monday, 23 December 2013

Onwards and Upwards!

So we are reaching the end of yet another year, time seems to be flying. (although I'm forever being told that time gets faster the older you get - I hope not, there's not enough hours in the day already!!)

At the end of every year, I sit and have a little think about the small things that I have managed to achieve over the year and where I want to be this time next year.... (Although I confess, it all gets very confusing because generally I work on an academic year rather than a proper one)

So far this year I have:
-Passed year one of university.
-Been promoted.
-Presented a presentation in front of a class and not had a huge freakout. (Stage fright has always been a bit of a weakness with me...)
-By some miracle manage to get myself a BF who puts up with me being the biggest kid ever.
-Realised that you can't always make everyone happy, and in doing so have become a lot happier and more laid back.
-Learnt that I'm a little bit grownup and can call up Gas/Electricty companies without a problem (Sad but true!)
-And probably a ton of other such little things that have made everything that little bit better.

I have so much that I want to achieve next year too, the list just keeps growing and growing! And I am totally determined that I will achieve more of the list than I usually manage. Sitting on a sofa munching of chocolate will not help me achieve any of it. So watch this space readers, because I'm again taking you every step of the way!

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