Thursday, 12 December 2013

#TBT- Students on ice.

Last Christmas, before we all broke up for the holidays we decided to do something as a group to celebrate the fact we'd actually made it through the first semester and hadn't been kicked out/starved/got lost in the madness.

So we decided to go ice skating (best idea ever!) at a temporary rink set up at GunWharf Quays. The tickets had been booked for over a week and as the date got closer, quite sadly we got more and more excited. We all donned our hats, gloves and scarfs and braced ourselves against the bitter southern elements....

We started skating with the more experienced ones helping the less experienced - who landed up out skating the rest of us! Then it happened. The heavens opened and we all got soaked. Realistically it was sods law, and we should have predicted it but the more we skated, the more it rained until we gave up - no one likes being soaked through - and headed for the best refuge a student could ever want... a bar serving cocktails.

Our night then went down the usual route, but its safe to say that this evening will always be one that I remember..


  1. Hello see #bloghour works I might not be a student but I'll happily follow along ! :-)

  2. Thankyou for taking the time to give it a read. Hopefully you'll find my ramblings entertaining enough to keep coming back :p #bloghour xx

  3. They haven't set up the ice rink this year have they? :( I'm at uni in Portsmouth too - those random nights are the best memories to cherish!

    Oh Hey Kayspray! x

  4. Not that I saw which is a proper shame :( you're at Portsmouth!? Small world, ehh? Most definitely! The more spontaneous the better! Xx