Friday, 13 December 2013

What to get for those who have everything?

With Christmas around the corner, everyone is busy buying Christmas presents and trying to make sure that they haven't forgotten anyone. This inevitably means that the high street is a nightmare. The queues stretch from one end of the shop, to the other. There's the frazzled shoppers who get stressed at lack of presents and lengthy queues. It is always my idea of hell....

To combat this I've got organised (Ha! Me being organised is nothing short of a miracle!) majority of my presents are bought and wrapped, just leaving me the last few difficult ones. They're the ones that you have literally no idea what get - a boyfriend, a dad or a rather distant relative. It gets even harder when you count the fact that I like my presents to be slightly quirky but still be perfect. (Evidently I like to make it harder for myself....)

The big question is what do you get someone who has everything. This is where comes in. An online site full of anything and everything that would make amazing presents for even the most alternative loved-one.

On account of my organisation - or lack of for the rest of the year - and the fact I've pretty much done my shopping, I thought I'd give the waterproof notebook a try and see how it was (Thinking of it as a pre-Christmas present?). And I was surprised. Pleasantly so.

Growing up, you're always told that paper and water should be kept miles apart and that reading in the bath is a incredibly risky - I've yet to drop a book I'm reading in the water.... - but with IWOOT there is genuinely no risk. You can write underwater, submerge the book completely and still have the same writing ability as you would with a standard dry notebook. MINDBLOWN! (This is definitely going to be kept in the shower so I can ponder life and make notes. No more forgetting anything for me!

So if you're struggling for ideas, don't want to battle the high street, fancy Christmas shopping in your pj's and want to have your gifts delivered home before Christmas visit!

 Disclaimer - I received a WaterProof Notepad for the purpose of this review. Views are my own opinion and are not influenced by the receiving of the product.

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