Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Fabulous falsies!

I'm one of those people who has to justify spending money - regardless of what the money is for - and although generally this is a good thing, it means that I have to seriously think about whether it's worth me buying anything.... You can read my tips here!

I figured that this week I'd do something out of the ordinary and be spontaneous with money. I did
Photo borrowed from the Boots Website.
something that I've always wanted to do. Buy false nails. I know it sounds really silly and inconsequential but I've never been able to do it because of my weekend job in a kitchen - health and hygiene and all that.

I wanted to go for something different, something that couldn't just be achieved with nail varnish and that weren't too much like talons for my first go. And so I bought these: Ted Baker Faked to Perfection in Rose Gold There should be a photo somewhere over there >> (On a slightly different note, the packaging is beautiful!)

Being completely new to the whole idea it took me a while to work out what sizes I needed on each nail, and then how much glue I needed to make them properly stick - I was worried about nails pinging off at the most inconvenient of times... - but by the end of the first hand, I had it under control.

And I must admit, they are beautiful. In my eyes they're the perfect balance of  girly with a different twist. I'm not normally a fan on bronze but these tips look brilliant!

I was a little worried about them peeling off and all that jazz, but so far, they've survived a little bit of washing up... (Just a tiny bit, I haven't had much to do...) and they've survived a proper hair wash - I had visions of hair getting caught under the nail and it then peeling off - but they haven't! And I'm so chuffed!!!

The only downside so far, the price. £8.00. That's a lot. Especially for me, the student. There are definitely cheaper out there, which maybe I'll go out and try at some point.

But as a start, these are brilliant. Well Done, Ted Baker!!

I was not paid to write this post. The product is something I bought on the high street. Any views are entirely my own. 


  1. They look amazing! I haven't tried false nails before but since they look that good, I'm tempted..
    My student blog link-up went live today! Being one of my favourite student bloggers, I hope you can get involved :) x

    Oh Hey Kayspray!

  2. Neither but I'm seriously impressed! :)

    Will definately be linking up, it's a brilliant idea! Xx